Immunity-boosting effects from probiotic yogurt

Containing billions of beneficial bacteria L.Casei 431TM, Vinamilk Probi live yeast yogurt is clinically proven for its immune-boosting effect.

Vinamilk Probi yoghurt and live yoghurt are two of the nutritional products that are familiar to families, especially children. According to a representative of Vinamilk, the most special feature of Vinamilk Probi is the presence of beneficial bacteria L.Casei 431TM. Is a product of Europe’s leading living yeast group – CHR. Hansen (Denmark), L.Casei 431TM probiotics have been used worldwide since 1995.

The finished Vinamilk Probi yogurt is the result of a natural and safe fermentation process. The highlight of live yeast yogurt is that the fermentation time is 10 times longer than other conventional yogurts, helping to ensure the quality and quantity of about 13 billion beneficial bacteria in each bottle of Vinamilk Probi drinking yogurt for only 65 ml.

A modern factory system with a safe and natural fermentation process produces quality Probi yogurt bottles and contains billions of beneficial bacteria for good health. Photo: Vinamilk.

Doctor Truong Huu Khanh, former head of the Department of Infection – Neurology, Children’s Hospital 1, Ho Chi Minh City, assessed probiotics as a success of the nutrition industry as well as the immunology industry, beneficial in regulating production immunity. produce antibodies and create a balance of the microbial community in the gut. With a baby or adult body at any stage, beneficial bacteria are beneficial. “Especially formula-fed babies need to supplement with beneficial bacteria,” the doctor confirmed.

Talking about L.Casei 431TM in particular, Dr. Khanh said, this beneficial bacteria has been recognized by chemists around the world to play a great role in health in general and the immune system in particular. L.Casei 431TM also contributes to the regulation of bacterial disorders in the intestines, helping to better digestion, improving antibody levels and increasing the body’s resistance.

If many beneficial bacteria when introduced into the body can be partially destroyed by the harsh acidic environment of the stomach, then L.Casei 431TM is one of the beneficial bacteria with high survival ability to reach the appropriate location. in the gastrointestinal tract and promote its uses.

In many countries around the world, people add Probiotics to foods – especially popular foods such as eating yogurt, drinking yogurt. In Vietnam, yeast strain L.Casei 431TM has been used in Vinamik’s Probi live yeast and edible yogurt products. Containing billions of beneficial bacteria, Vinamilk Probi also has the effect of supporting digestion and enhancing resistance.

Containing billions of beneficial bacteria, Vinamilk Probi also has the effect of supporting digestion and enhancing resistance.  Photo: Vinamilk

Containing billions of beneficial bacteria, Vinamilk Probi also has the effect of supporting digestion and enhancing resistance. Photo: Vinamilk.

According to a report of the National Institute of Nutrition in 2013, the group of children (24 – 47 months old) after 3 months of using Vinamilk Probi containing the beneficial bacteria L. Casei 431TM, the IgA immune index tends to increase by more than 30% compared to that of Vinamilk. with no use (an increase of 19.97 mg/dL versus 14.98 mg/dL).

In addition, the results of a clinical study conducted by the National Institute of Nutrition in 2016 on “Effect of Probi yogurt drink on nutritional status and influenza infection in children 2-5 years old in some communes of Hai Duong province” showed that Vinamilk Probi helps increase resistance, reduce the incidence of influenza A and B in children. Specifically, the group of children who used Vinamilk Probi had a lower rate of influenza infection than the group that did not use it at 14.7% compared to 22.4%.

Because of such health benefits, Vinamilk Probi has been recommended for many years by the General Association of Medicine of Vietnam and is a necessary product that mothers always keep in the refrigerator for the whole family to use regularly. immune system failure.

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