Imitating a magician to swallow a coin, 8-year-old boy almost died

Ho Chi Minh CityExcited and delighted to see the magician make the coin disappear by swallowing it, the 8-year-old boy went home to follow suit.

As a result, the baby coughed, choked, tried to spit it out but couldn’t, frantically pointed his finger at his neck to notify his parents that he had swallowed a coin. The family took the baby to Xuyen A General Hospital for emergency on May 23.

Specialist doctor 1 Truong Ngoc Nha, Head of Endoscopy Center, Xuyen A General Hospital said: The chest X-ray image shows that the foreign body is a coin stuck in the baby’s neck, which is very large, the circle occupies all the food. trachea, near the junction with the airway. The doctors identified the possibility of foreign bodies scratching, tearing the esophagus, choking back into the airway if not handled promptly.

The team decided to anesthetize, using the scope to remove the toy coin from the esophagus for the baby. Fortunately, after surgery, the baby’s esophageal lumen only slightly damaged the mucosa, which can quickly recover and be discharged from the hospital.

According to doctors, the family took the baby to the hospital in a timely and reasonable manner. If delayed, the baby’s airway can be pinched by a coin, the risk of suffocation, extremely critical.

Doctor Nha shared, young children are hyperactive, curious, love to explore things around, even imitate. Therefore, adults should look after young children carefully and explain to them when watching magic shows. Some cases of foreign bodies falling into the airways or esophagus cause unpredictable consequences, even life-threatening if not handled promptly.

If a child swallows a foreign body, it should be urgently taken to the nearest hospital for timely emergency treatment. Absolutely do not try to pick up the foreign body by hand because it may accidentally cause the foreign body to go deeper.

Endoscopy doctors took a coin to save the baby. Video provided by the hospital.

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