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IMF praises India, says- ‘very bold’ steps taken in battle of corona virus epidemic

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has praised India for its handling of the corona virus epidemic and the economic challenges arising from it. IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva has said that India took ‘very bold’ steps to counter the epidemic.

IMF praised India’s policies on corona virus resolution

On the economic effects of the epidemic, he says that more needs to be done this year to accelerate the change in the economy. The International Monetary Fund is scheduled to issue a World Economic Outlook report on 26 January. Talking about India, the IMF chief said that it was a very dramatic lockdown for a country with a large population. India took the path of more target set restrictions and lockdowns. He told, “From what we are seeing, it shows that change with policy support gave better results.

India’s move on tackling economic challenges is ‘very bold’ – IMF

If you look at the mobility indicator, you will find that we are almost before the Kovid in India. The government’s move on monetary policy and fiscal policy is commendable. “He further said that emerging economies have contributed six per cent to the average GDP. In India, it is a little more than that. Good thing for India That he still has room to do it. If you can, then go ahead. According to the IMF chief, 2021 is to use that space. He said to be impressed by the structural reforms being carried out in India. He said, “We welcome it. Our economy should be vibrant and inclusive and it is not going to drip from the sky. There should be reforms that support it. “

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