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IMF India needs advice, people should focus on safety and health

Kistalina Jarjiva, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has advised India that India’s priority should be to protect the most vulnerable people, to provide them with good support and to protect small and medium scale industries, so that they Do not give up in the fight against their corona virus epidemic. During a press conference on Wednesday during the annual general meeting of IMF and World Bank, Jarjiva said that India needs to focus more on protecting people and taking care of their health. With this, he said, “What needs to be done? Clearly, the security of the most vulnerable, well-targeted aid, protection of small and medium industries, so that they are not defeated. ”

Humanitarian crisis told Kovid-19

He further said that unless we have a sustainable way of dealing with the health crisis, we will have to face difficulties, uncertainty and uneven improvement. Describing Kovid-19 as a humanitarian crisis, he said that especially in countries where there are more deaths, this crisis is much deeper. He further said that more than one lakh people have died in India due to this epidemic. Jarjiva said, “Therefore, the priority should be to protect people and focus on their health.”

India has taken measures according to capacity

“India has also taken measures to the best of its ability, two percent fiscal measures and four percent relief as a guarantee, but no direct fiscal measures have been taken,” he said. “It helps, but When you look at the capabilities of developed economies, or some of the other emerging market measures, it seems to be somewhat less. We are seeing a very surprising ten percent decline in GDP this year in India. ”

Ready to lay a strong foundation in good time

Jarjiva said that India had a vibrant economy. He said that in good times the country can strengthen its foundation and combat the bad times more strongly. He said that the most important lesson of this crisis is to build a strong foundation in good times. In such a time, when more bad times come, more flexibility can be shown.

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