“I’m not sure I can stand it”: in Beijing, the athletes face a drastic health protocol

A deep and painful PCR test for Kevin Rolland, an extended quarantine despite a dozen tests for Kim Meylemans… While Beijing is under a health bubble for the 2022 Winter Olympics, the drastic health conditions are difficult to bear for the athletes.

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“I’m not sure I can handle this”

Olympics under a pandemic but Olympics without Covid: this is the key word of the method chosen by the Chinese for this 24and edition of the Winter Olympics which takes place in Beijing. To ensure that the virus does not invite itself into the Olympic village, athletes around the world are subjected to a daily PCR test. Tests that sometimes don’t go as planned… On his Instagram account, French skier and flag bearer Kevin Rolland posted a video of a PCR test so deep and painful that the athlete struggled to recover, a once the swab comes out of his nostril.

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It is these same PCR tests which are at the origin of the ordeal experienced by the Belgian skeleton athlete Kim Meylemans. After a dozen PCR tests to come to China, she was put in isolation once she arrived in the territory. The fault is the remains of Covid 19, which she had caught in early January, and which were detected during her first test, when she arrived in Beijing. After a period of quarantine, where she made an effort to train in her hotel room, and several PCR tests, when she thought she would be transferred to the Olympic Village, she was taken to another establishment for a week. additional quarantine.

At the announcement of this new forced isolation, the young woman posted a video on her Instagram account to share her sadness. “I’m not sure I can handle this,” then explained the sportswoman, collapsed at having to confine herself when she could participate in the Olympics. But after further tests, she was finally able to reach the Olympic Village on Wednesday February 2.

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