“I’m a soccer player and I’m gay”: Australian Josh Cavallo comes out

“I am a football player and I am gay. ” Australian footballer Josh Cavallo revealed his homosexuality on Wednesday, October 27, becoming the first active player in the Australian Championship (A-League) to do so.

“All I want is to play football and be treated fairly”, the 21-year-old former Australian prospect said on social media.

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“Trying to play to the best of your ability and living a double life is exhausting, it is an experience that I do not wish on anyone”, he admitted.

Justin Fashanu’s “Absolute Nightmare”

Few professional footballers have publicly declared themselves as gay and usually do so after quitting to avoid homophobic remarks from spectators.

The first to do so was Englishman Justin Fashanu in the 1990s, but he committed suicide in 1998 after quitting playing and while living in the United States. A charity created by his family released a letter from an anonymous Premier League player last year denouncing the lack of progress in football on this subject. This player qualified his situation “Absolute nightmare”, adding that he “Felt trapped, the fear of telling the truth about who I am only making things worse”.

Cavallo himself indicated that Fashanu’s case was on his mind as he considered the possibility of revealing his homosexuality. “I remember reading about Justin Fashanu as the first professional footballer to reveal his homosexuality in the 1990s and his suicide eight years later and it got me thinking”, he said.

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He qualified “Immense” the support he received from his club, Adelaide United, his teammates and Australian football officials, and said he wanted to be an example to other gay players.

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On social networks, Josh Cavallo received the support of several football players and clubs, including that of the French player Antoine Griezmann who said he was ” proud ” from him or the Spaniard Gérard Piqué, as well as the clubs of Barcelona, ​​Arsenal or Juventus in Turin.

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