Illegal filing for lobbying purposes: Monsanto company fined 400,000 euros in France

The Cnil, had learned the existence of this data processing only when it was revealed in the media in May 2019.

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The ax has fallen. The Cnil, French gendarme of personal data, pronounced Wednesday July 28 against agrochemist Monsanto (owned by Bayer) an administrative fine of 400,000 euros for illegally filing public figures, journalists and activists with the aim of ” influence the public debate on the ban on glyphosate.

The regulator, recipient of 7 complaints “emanating in particular from persons concerned by this file”, accuses the company of having failed in its obligation to inform people, who only learned of the existence of this data processing when it was revealed in the media in May 2019.

“The creation of contact files by interest representatives for lobbying purposes is not, in itself, illegal. On the other hand, only people who can reasonably be expected to be included in this file are their notoriety or their activity, to be the object of contacts of the sector “, explained the Commission.

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