Ikea trial: a system of espionage of employees and customers in court



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Managers of Ikea stores in France are said to have spied on and filed their employees, in particular trade unionists, but also disgruntled customers. Fifteen people appear from Monday March 22 in an exceptional trial.

Fifteen people appear in court from Monday March 22 in a large-scale lawsuit against Ikea. According to investigators, a well-established surveillance system has been set up within the Swedish giant’s stores in France. Hundreds of people have reportedly been victims of clandestine investigations into their personal lives, or of spinning. These methods were revealed in 2012, in particular by The chained Duck : a director of Ikea would have sent emails to private detectives, which he paid 30,000 to 600,000 euros per year, in exchange for information on trade unionists, candidates for employment or dissatisfied customers.

Thanks to the police, these detectives would have had illegal access to police files. After the scandal, four senior officials were fired, proof, according to the company, of its good faith. Ikea, which denies any spy system, risks more than 3 million euros in fines. The defendants face up to 10 years in prison.

The Chained Duck, which exposed the case nine years ago

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CGT union

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