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If you call junior after working hour, there may be a problem! Portugal wants to bring this law

Work From Home: Corona Virus has forced the world to change its way of working. During the post-pandemic lockdown, people changed the way they work in the office from their everyday routine. After the lockdown in Corona, the practice of work from home has become a bit more in the whole country. In Portugal, even a new draft has been prepared regarding work from home. Even before the implementation of this rule, it has come under discussion all over the world. While some people are also praising this rule, some people believe that this rule can affect the work of people.

In fact, this new rule states that if after the “work from home” time is over, the boss of any company “phonecalls” his subordinate, then he can be punished. Social distancing has been considered the most effective way to avoid infection of Kovid. In view of this, most companies of many countries of the world are getting work from home done.

Stress is increasing in people

In many companies, after cleaning, the offices are being sanitized and locked again. At the same time, due to office work at home, most of the people are becoming victims of stress these days. Still some people are doing work from home. At the same time, some people have started making rounds of the office. In such a situation, people sometimes start living under stress about their work and sometimes due to problems related to home, which can be harmful for your health. In this case, you do not need to think much.

This step was taken to make remote working easier

However, there is also an effective step taken by the Portuguese government to make remote working as easy as possible. According to reports, “This new law will not apply to those institutions, workplaces, companies in which 10 or less employees work. There, anyway, the question of disturbing measures like social distancing does not arise. Because the crowd is not there already. This new law will be applicable to those institutions, workplaces, groups where more than 10 people (employees) work.

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