‘If 150,000 more cases are recorded, the death rate in Ho Chi Minh City will decrease’

Ho Chi Minh CityAccording to the Deputy Director of the Department of Health, if 150,000 people with positive Covid-19 rapid test results are issued a code by the Ministry of Health, the patient death rate in the city will decrease, not 4% as previously calculated. .

Information provided by the doctor Nguyen Van Vinh Chau (Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health) said at a press conference to provide information on the prevention of Covid-19, on the afternoon of September 27.

Chau explained, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health, to determine a case of F0 must have a positive RT-PCR test result, because the rapid test has early results but the sensitivity and specificity are not high. In August and September, the number of cases in Ho Chi Minh City increased rapidly, which can be called a pandemic, so Deputy Minister Nguyen Truong Son (Head of the Special Standing Department of the Ministry of Health in Ho Chi Minh City) issued a written permission. recognize the person with a positive rapid test result as F0. Because in that context, scientifically, a case with clinical manifestations of Covid-19 infection through rapid testing should be quickly identified “this is a Covid-19 patient” to receive and treat promptly. time instead of waiting for RT-PCT confirmation (requires 24 hours).

The city has recorded all these positive rapid test cases as F0 and properly managed, such as putting them in a concentrated isolation area or for F0 to be isolated at home if eligible and provided full bags. drugs A, B, C. “All these patients are on the list of management, monitoring, care and treatment of the city. However, due to national regulations, the above 150,000 F0 has not been approved by the Ministry of Health. The Health Department made statistics and issued codes, so the Department of Health asked the Ministry to add the above cases to the list,” said Mr. Chau.

According to Dr. Chau, adding this 150,000 F0 to the list of Covid-19 patients in the area will affect the common denominator when analyzing, like the previous mortality rate in Ho Chi Minh City was 4%, when the sample The higher the number, the lower the mortality rate.

Deputy Director of Department of Health Nguyen Van Vinh Chau. Photo: Huu Cong

Answering the question “How does the increase in the total number of new cases affect the city’s anti-epidemic situation?”, Mr. Chau said, the city still relies on the actual F0 number to collect and treat the disease. or home care.

In the manual Safe, flexible adaptation and effective control of the Covid-19 epidemic by the Ministry of Health Ho Chi Minh City is at level 4 – the highest risk, when the number of new cases is at the threshold of 150/100,000 people/week. The number of new cases increased, the city remained at this threshold.

According to the draft, the criterion of the number of new cases is just one of many criteria to classify the local risk. In particular, when relying on another important factor that is vaccine coverage in the community and for people over 50 years old in Ho Chi Minh City has been guaranteed, the city can still lower the risk level. It will also be more convenient for the city’s activities.

Reply VnExpress about responsiveness of the HCMC health system Compared with the indicators in the above draft, Mr. Chau said that the set of criteria is being developed, discussed and has not yet made the final criteria, so the Department cannot answer what the city has and has not achieved. Currently, depending on the level of risk of each locality, the city will take appropriate anti-epidemic measures.

More information about the treatment capacity of the health sector in Ho Chi Minh City in the new situation, when the reinforcements can withdraw, Dr. Chau said that, depending on the progress of the disease, the city and the Ministry of Health there will be a strategy to reduce field hospitals. The Ministry of Health has pledged that reinforcements will continue to stay “until the number of serious patients decreases, in accordance with the treatment capacity of the city”.

Specifically, in the coming time, besides the task of treating Covid-19, the health sector will continue to treat other diseases, according to the principle: restoring the capacity of hospitals to ensure that each district has one disease. general hospital to receive. Currently, District 7 Hospital and Cu Chi Area General Hospital have transferred F0 to nearby field hospitals and Covid-19 resuscitation centers to “green” according to green areas. In the next few days, these two hospitals will accept normal patients.

Medical staff in Linh Tay ward (Thu Duc city) examine and distribute medicine for F0 to treat at home, September 3.  Photo: Quynh Tran

Medical staff in Linh Tay ward (Thu Duc city) examine and distribute medicine for F0 to treat at home, September 3. Photo: Quynh Tran

In addition, from October 1 to the end of the year, based on the number of new cases, hospitalizations, and serious patients, the city has built a roadmap to convert and close field hospitals. District field hospitals that use school facilities will be closed. At the same time, the city gradually transferred and took over 3 field hospitals No. 13, 14, 16 with the central Covid-19 resuscitation center, then transformed these hospitals into three-storey hospitals. In which, the 3rd floor is the resuscitation center – which will be assigned to the city’s major hospitals to continue operating.

As of 6pm on September 26, the city recorded 372,202 cases of Covid-19 announced by the Ministry of Health. On September 26, there are All 3 stats fell together, including the number of patients hospitalized within a day (2,805) after a very long time was lower than the number of patients discharged (2,936); the number of seriously ill patients requiring mechanical ventilation (1,856) and the number of deaths (122 – the lowest from August 22 to now).

To date, the city has administered a total of 9,625,803 doses of Covid-19 vaccine, including 6,816,113 first shots and 2,809,695 second shots.

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