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ICMR tweeted: India became the first country to separate the culture of Britain’s corona virus

There is an atmosphere of awe around the new strain of Corona. The old virus is causing havoc, this new virus has been reported to infect 70 times faster. At the same time, in India too, there is panic after getting new strain cases one after the other. But in the midst of this atmosphere, Indian scientists have achieved significant success against the UK strain of Corona. Indian scientists have identified and isolated a new strain of virus from the UK. The most important thing is that India has become the first country to isolate new strains.

ICMR gave information
Giving information about this success, the Indian Council of Medical Research ie ICMR said that the new UK mutant strain which has become increasingly viral has been isolated and cultured. The effect of the vaccine on the new mutant strain can also be investigated through isolation. That is, it can be seen whether the Kovid vaccines are effective on this strain or not.

ICMR claimed that no country has so far successfully isolated or ‘cultured’ the new type of SARS-Covey-2 found in Britain. The new type of virus encountered in Britain has now been successfully isolated and cultured at the National Institute of Virology with all forms. Specimens for this were collected from people returned from Britain.

‘Culture’ is a process by which cells are grown under controlled conditions and usually outside their natural environment.

Total figure is 29
In fact, only a few days after the new strain was found in the UK, this mutant virus knocked in India. Since then, the total number of new strains infected in India has been 29, while this strain has spread to South Africa and Middle East countries besides the UK. This success of Indian scientists will not only help in research on this new strain, but now the effect of vaccine will also be investigated.

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