Ice Age squirrel Scrat finally bites his acorn as a farewell

He did it. Scrat has finally managed to devour the acorn he’s been chasing since 2002. The never-before-seen 34-second scene marks the end of Blue Sky Studios and its iconic character.

In a video posted on Youtube on Wednesday April 13, the emblematic character embarks on yet another quest for the volatile glans. No obstacle prevents him from seizing it, disconcerted Scrat hastens to swallow it. End point of a long history of two decades.

Farewell video

This happy ending hides a sadder reality: Blue Sky will cease to exist. The studios are at the origin of the saga The Ice Age but also of Rio , robots, epic or Fernando . Disney bought the studios in 2017 and announced their closure in February 2021. “Given the current economic situation, after much consideration and thought, we have made the difficult decision to close Blue Sky Studios”announced the spokesperson for Disney.

“A few days before the end of Blue Sky Studios, a small team of animators came together to make this final plan. This plan is a farewell. A farewell on our own terms”it is specified in the caption of this video The Endnot listed on Youtube.

“Over the past 24 years, we, like our special character Scrat, have achieved something that sometimes seemed unattainable. (…) Unfortunately, it is impossible to cling to it forever (…) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having been with us during all these years»said Chris Wedge, the co-founder of Bluesky, in a statement posted on Twitter.

In March 2022, a sixth part of The Ice Age was unveiled on Disney+, titled The Adventures of Buck Wild . Only Scrat is not present. The most famous squirrel on the big screen nevertheless has its own mini-series The adventures of Scrat, broadcast on the platform since Wednesday, April 13. The six shorts focus on the squirrel-turned-father, somehow caring for his son, Baby Scrat.


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