Icarus takes a new flight

REVIEW – This animated film succeeds in revisiting in an original way a mythological story that we thought we knew by heart. Captivating and Impressive.

How to retell the myth of Icarus without falling into the tragedy of a boy who flew too close to the sun to burn his wings? This is the successful bet of the Luxembourg director Carlo Vogele. Young animation prodigy, awarded for his short film Una furtiva lagrima at the Annecy Animation Festival in 2012, this 40-year-old learned his trade at Pixar, in the United States, for eight years, participating in particular in Toy Story 3, Rebel, Cars 2 Where Monsters Academia.

But Vogele preferred to return to Europe to undertake his own projects. Great good for him. Icarus is a brilliant demonstration of this. Helped by screenwriter Isabelle Anddrivet, the director manages to revisit, even revive, one of the most famous legends of Greek mythology.

In Crete, the young Icarus, who lives with his father, Daedalus, has made the different regions of the island his playground. ‘go in…

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