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“I wanted to give access to excellence to my children”

► “A form of royalty towards our parents

Arthur, 23, engineering school student

“Preparatory class, business school: I followed a fairly standard course for a good student. My parents did not try to influence me in choosing this path. But I would say that with my two sisters, we were conditioned to go far in studies. My parents are both teachers.

→ INVESTIGATION. The unprecedented weight of parental expectations on their children

My father came from Cameroon to study in France and he went as far as he could. My mother comes from a farming family and had to work fairly quickly, when she would have liked to go beyond the license. By following engineering studies, or medicine and literary preparation for my sisters, we go a little further. I see it as a form of royalty to our parents. A chance too, and not a pressure. “

► “The requirement is not a rigid straitjacket and crushing personality”

Barbara, mother of four children aged 9, 11, 14 and 20

“I don’t dream of seeing my children make a fortune, but at the very least I would like them to have the freedom to think of something other than money, of material things. And that goes, I believe, through a demanding course. By enrolling three of them in a high-level musical course, I wanted to give them access to excellence, to the enrichment it brings, to the feeling of existing that it gives when you succeed in something. difficult. Later, when they choose a profession, perhaps in a completely different field, they can rely on this experience.

→ MAINTENANCE. “Give the right weight to parental expectations”

Excellence is not a rigid straitjacket and crushing personality, on condition that it is carried by suitable educational means. With this education, I take the opposite view of a society which suggests that the child thrives by touching a little bit of everything without getting tired. Of course, sometimes you wonder if you’re not exerting too much pressure. And the best answer is how cheerful the children are. The higher the requirements, the happier mine. If they felt overwhelmed by a burden, if they had difficulty getting up in the morning, I would immediately reconsider their courses. “

► “People other than my parents who believed in me”

Claude-Félix, 67 years old

“Having been, like my brothers and sisters, withdrawn from my parents very early and placed in a foster home and then in a foster family which proved to be mistreating, I have not known parental expectations. My career, which led me to become head of a child welfare service, I owe a lot to my life instinct, to my internal dynamics.

But there was also the determining meeting of people who believed in me, who wanted a better future for me. First of all, one of my teachers, who registered me for the entrance examination in 6th year, while seeing my difficulties in concentrating, my emotions on edge, others would have let me quietly go to a course short course leading to the certificate of studies.

I also think of my football coach, who detected my work capacities, my selflessness, and of an abbot who, later, encouraged me to undertake a career as an educator. “


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