“I miss the metro”: with the easing of teleworking, employees are delighted to return to the office

Behind her small desk in the bedroom, Valentine regains hope. The “conf calls”, the colleagues on a screen … it’s over soon. Her Parisian consulting firm must give the green light for her to come back one day a week and she can’t wait “to put on my shoes, to set off again, to top up my pass for the metro, and to give myself three weeks to be able to complain about everything that I missed and that I will finally find”. The rules for teleworking, recommended by the government, are relaxed from Thursday, January 7. Employees who performed their tasks at home every day will be able to come back to the site once a week, with the agreement of their employer.

The Minister of Labor, √Člisabeth Borne, explained Tuesday on franceinfo hear “employees who can’t take it anymore”. For Valentine, she’s been feeling like a caged lion for months: “I really come to say to myself that I miss the metro. Just to tell myself: I get out of my house in the morning, I walk in the corridors of the metro, I arrive in my box, I go to the canteen, I go take a coffee break. ” She hopes she can spend herself “without doing physical activity in particular”.

“You still walk a lot when you live in Paris without a car, and there I walk ten times less.”

Several hundred kilometers from the capital, in Brittany, √Čtienne took refuge with his parents to telecommute. This Parisian computer scientist counts the hours before finding his team: “All the interactions I had with my colleagues, whether in the elevator, in the hallways, on the lunch break, the nice little restaurants that we could have for lunch. All that, these are moments who have disappeared, today I miss them sorely. “

“I’m not meeting anyone new. As of March in my company, there must have been about a hundred new people who have been recruited, and in fact, I know very little.”

His company organizes the return of volunteer employees. Only 10% of the 330 employees will be able to return to the site at the same time. To organize themselves as well as possible, the HRD sets up an Excel table. “The difficulty is that we can sometimes have more employees who wish to come than places available, and in this case, we may have to make arbitrations, explains Nathalie. We favor people whose teleworking conditions at home will be difficult because of a small apartment, etc. ” To guide employers, the new workplace health protocol must be published at the end of Wednesday afternoon.

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