‘I hope people stop commenting on suicide notes and hug their children’

Thousands of shares, millions of comments about the video and the suicide letter on April 1 left by a male student before committing suicide flooded the Internet. It will last forever like the cuts to the wounds of those who stay.

The case that a male student attending a high school in Hanoi left a suicide note before jumping from the 28th floor to commit suicide on April 1 still shocked many people.

Immediately after the authorities confirmed the incident, on social networks appeared a video believed to be from the camera extracted at the scene at 3:37 am, before the male student committed suicide in front of his father. Along with that is a suicide note saying goodbye to 1/4 that this male student has left. Immediately, the video seemed to be a private moment, and the last letter appeared all over the internet.

On Facebook and Youtube, videos showing the entire incident and the letter from the male student posted in detail have received hundreds of thousands of likes (likes), shares (shares) of social network users. festival. Worth mentioning, a number of newspapers and websites also quoted these heartbreaking images.

The video uploads immediately caused mixed opinions from netizens. Many people think that posting the video is a wake-up call for parents. But on the contrary, a strong wave of criticism from the online community when these videos cut deeper into the heartache for those who stayed.

“Since when do we need to read suicide notes and watch someone jump from a building? With the current era of technology and social networks, it only takes 1% of Internet users to share and that content will appear a million times already. DL, an angry Facebook user shared.

Many social network users also question why these sensitive images are spread and shared freely online. “Then how will parents, siblings, friends, and those who stay behind face those images and videos? How did those pictures and videos get leaked out like that? The images cannot be completely erased even if requested.” a problem Facebook account.

Strongly protesting, on his personal Facebook, journalist Tu Nu Trieu Vuong expressed: “I oppose all newspapers / Pages / groups that put pictures – clips of dancing boys…. and the last letter, the last dialogue…. It’s very private the boy’s family goes online. No parent can live to see a clip of their child all over the internet. Who? Who dared to spread information about the death of their loved one? When it’s about privacy???”. This female author also said she was ready to sign a lawsuit against these guys to court.

Expressing his opinion about the institute, on his personal Facebook, Dr. Pham Hiep, Director of Edulab Asia Education Research and Development Center suggested:Not sharing photos, clips, letters is a good way to show sympathy for the baby as well as condolences to the family. Not guessing the reason for the pressure of the specialized school, of the parents… when there is no information, it is also a kind thing to do now.“.

As for Mr. Ta Quang Thai, an IT expert, a parent who also has 2 teenage children, said from the outside, there are 2 factors:

On the positive side, this phenomenon shows the power of networks and the technology that makes information spread quickly. It has a warning effect, alerting parents, managers and students themselves related to this incident. Through this, the perception and perception of people, society, parents and managers will be different related to their children’s upbringing, expectations, pressures and goals in teaching and learning. .

On the negative side, it’s clear that everyone can see the reason, where the information, images, and videos are revealed. Where is the problem of security and personal information management?

Mr. Thai personally feels that this is a heartbreaking, undesirable incident; However, its effect is as a wake-up call to parents and managers. I ask everyone to stop commenting, embrace your child and think about future actions and adjustments.

Emphasizing that arbitrarily posting confidential information about private life and personal secrets is against the law, a representative of the Information Security Department (Ministry of Information and Communications) said that the unit is reviewing and proposing Proposal to handle the case of some individuals and organizations spreading and spreading information about personal images, the letter is believed to be from a Hanoi male student who committed suicide.

It is known that Ha Dong district police are coordinating with professional units of the Hanoi City police to track down the person who spread the above clip of a 10th grade male student at a school specializing in death.

Duy Vu – Ngoc Minh

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