“I don’t give a damn about their ideas”: the refusal of any concession from Jean-Pierre Bacri for Cuisine et Dépendances

Actor Sam Karmann recounts a memory of the filmmaker who died on January 18, which he says defines well “The man he was”. When the play had to be put on in 1992.

He was his “friend”, his “brother”. Actor and director Sam Karmann reacted on his Facebook account to the death of Jean-Pierre Bacri, which occurred on January 18. A long message that is “Not just any eulogy” but the story of an anecdote “Who defines the man he was”. This is the way Kitchen and Outbuildings , a play before becoming a cult film, was staged in 1992. Or rather how it almost didn’t.

“Jean-Pierre Bacri is already known and appreciated in his status as a young film star”, begins Sam Karmann, who plays the character of Jacques, the bourgeois husband. With Agnès Jaoui, who is at the start of her career, Bacri wrote a text, Kitchen and Outbuildings. He offers it to Stéphan Meldegg, director of the La Bruyère theater. As this is not available, the director organizes a reading in a “Great Parisian theater”. In an interview published within The art of screenplay, published in 2012, Agnès Jaoui explained that it is the Montparnasse theater.

“We will go elsewhere”

After a discussion with the management, Stéphan Meldegg “Joined with his inimitable Droopy head” and tells them that the room is interested in the play but wants a casting “more powerful”. There were then Agnès Jaoui, Bacri, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Zabou Breitman and Sam Karmann. The actor of Sense of celebration fist: “I don’t care what their ideas are, they didn’t understand that this piece was this casting! We will go elsewhere. ” Result, deaf to the negotiations of this direction, the team will play Kitchen and Outbuildings at the La Bruyère theater after Stéphan Meldegg had changed its programming. Without changing the cast. Later, the piece will be crowned with a Molière.

always in The art of screenplay, Agnès Jaoui compared the anecdote to her refusals, years later, to go to the United States for a career, as he was advised. She summarized: “I don’t see why I would go somewhere where I have constraints.”


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