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Ho Chi Minh CityDuring the treatment, Thu Uyen still actively works remotely, not thinking much about the disease as well as limiting lying in one place.

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Many of you are still very alarmed when you hear that you are F1 or F0, I used to be like that. The 5K message itself is very good, but somehow it still cannot avoid infection.

On a beautiful morning (October 23), I suddenly felt very chilled and sore throat, the cold was not very positive, I actively gargled with salt water, ate oranges, supplemented with vitamin C and also separated from my family. .

The next morning, I did a quick test. I was mentally prepared, but when I heard the positive result, I cried “want to go home”. I officially became F0 1.5 months after the second dose of vaccine. Knowing that crying would not solve any problem, I quickly regained my spirit and went to the F0 community to self-medicate at home. I told myself to be positive, optimistic to fight to the end.

Some drugs and nasal sprays Thu Uyen use when treating Covid-19. Photo: NVCC


The first day (October 24): I had a slight fever of about 38 degrees Celsius and a stuffy nose, a little sore throat, and difficulty breathing. At night, I have trouble sleeping.

Day 2 (October 25): I had a slight fever, body aches, and a cough.

The third day (October 26): I cough more, have phlegm, especially cough a lot in the evening.

The fourth day (October 27): I started to completely lose my sense of smell, my taste was only 30%.

Treatment process


– I eat more than usual even though I don’t want to eat and don’t see any taste but try to swallow. Eating is very important, so if you can’t eat it, you need to add milk, fruit…
– I drink orange juice so much that I’m scared to see it. When I get bored with orange juice, I switch to eating tangerines, guava, apples, drinking lemonade… In the morning, when I wake up, I will drink about 500 ml of warm water. In addition, I drink warm lemongrass ginger water (wash lemongrass and ginger clean and then pound it into a kettle to boil).
– I steam twice a day (ginger, lemongrass, lemon and a few drops of oil). After bathing, I will sweat, so I drink another 500 ml of water to make up for it. A day, I drink about 2.5 liters of water.

Thu Uyen always keeps an optimistic spirit when treating Covid-19.

Thu Uyen in a outing. When infected with Covid-19, she said that it is very necessary to stay optimistic during treatment. Photo: NVCC

Using drugs

– As soon as I heard that I was positive for Covid-19, I prepared a thermometer and a SpO2 meter. These 2 devices are essential for self-treatment at home.
– I use Xisat nasal wash 3-5 times a day, shoveling salt water regularly.
– Ward gave me 2 packs of medicine, but luckily I didn’t have to use it because my symptoms were not severe, so I only used cajeputum essential oil to smell every day to regain the smell, drink cough syrup and suck on candy to relieve sore throat and tonic. fig Beroca. The first few days of fever, I used fever reducer patches and 500mg Efferalgan medicine.
– I’m the type of person who doesn’t like taking drugs, so in my treatment, I don’t use many drugs, just try to apply natural and herbal methods first.


– I joined a yoga class to practice breathing correctly.
– Every morning, I will spend 15 minutes doing exercise and breathing exercises. Thanks to regular breathing exercises and maybe also due to my physical condition, fortunately, after I recovered from the disease, I did not lose breath like many people.

During the treatment, I still work remotely as usual so that I can have a job, don’t spend too much time thinking about my illness, and limit lying in one place. After 7 days, I got my smell back and the quick test was negative. However, I continued to maintain the treatment measures until the 14th day. After 21 days from the date of positive, my health is stable, only slightly post-Covid-19 sequelae is hair loss. But now everything is back to normal.

The above is how I self-medicate, my own experience. Of course, my treatment may be suitable for one person, not for another, but hopefully my sharing will be useful to some unfortunate people infected with Covid-19.

I think that people should not put too much emphasis on psychology, still ensuring the 5K principle. If you are unlucky enough to be infected, take the initiative to treat it, and look for official sources of information for reference. In addition, everyone should also be fully vaccinated according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. Personally, I find myself, thanks to vaccination, the symptoms are mild, can be said to be like a common cold.

Finally, always stay upbeat and positive!

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Thu Uyen


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