“I apologize very willingly”: Darmanin finally recognizes his “share of responsibility” in the incidents at the Stade de France

Gérald Darmanin acknowledged this Tuesday, June 28 “a share of responsibility” in the security fiasco of the Champions League final at the end of May, reiterating its “apologies” with supporters “who suffered this mismanagement”.

“Could the Stade de France have been better managed? The answer is yes. Do I have some responsibility? The answer is yes “said the Minister of the Interior on RTL.

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“You must choose the most honorable solution and resign”: Liverpool supporters charge Darmanin in the Senate

“I sincerely apologize [auprès de] everyone who suffered this mismanagement”he added, in the direction of Liverpool supporters who were sprayed with tear gas by the police or attacked and robbed – as were Real Madrid supporters – after the match on May 28.

Gérald Darmanin was pleased that the last three sporting meetings organized in the enclosure, including the final of the Top 14 on Friday, had not been the subject “no difficulty”.

What about Lallement’s future?

“I made arrangements that profoundly changed [l’organisation de] the Prefecture of Police around the Stade de France »he said, stressing that he had “doubled the means that were probably lacking [pour] Wrestle “ against crime.

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“If there is something that has gone wrong at the Stade de France, it is the fight against delinquency”insisted the minister who, on the evening of the final, had blamed the Liverpool supporters who came without a ticket or with fake tickets.

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Asked about the responsibility of the prefect of police Didier Lallement and his future, Gérald Darmanin declared “never do ad hominem punishment but maybe in the secrecy of my office there are changes”.

” What is your problem ” ? Prefect Lallement loses his nerves after a senator’s question

“The question of people will come later, the prefect of police did his job that evening, but it is certain that we have a change of organization to make, that does not obviously mean that we have to take it from such and such a person”he concluded.

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