“I am very sad”: Alain Delon, upset by the death of Nathalie, “the only Mrs. Delon”

With great emotion, the Samurai reacted, told AFP, to the disappearance of the mother of his son, Anthony. Other personalities, such as Anne Parillaud and Luana Belmondo, have also expressed their sadness.

They spent the last Christmas holidays together, a moment immortalized by their son Anthony who posted a photo of this beautiful memory on Instagram. Touched by the disappearance of Nathalie Delon, the actor immediately reacted with emotion: “I am very sad. It always hurts me a lot when my loved ones leave. Nathalie was my first wife and the only Madame Delon.

Alain Delon also returned to what united them and to the last moments spent with the family at the end of December: “We had been in constant contact. We saw each other often. I was part of her life, she was part of mine. We were still together at Christmas. We took pictures together, the last.

After his legendary duet with Alain Delon in the Samurai by Jean-Pierre Melville, Nathalie shot around thirty films, until the early 1980s, including Army of Shadows (1969), also by Jean-Pierre Melville, Doctor Justice (1975), by Christian-Jaque, and A faithful woman (1976), by Roger Vadim.
She will then go behind the camera realizing They call it an accident (1982) and Sweet Lies (1986), with Treat Williams. She will publish her memories in 2006.

She will have lived a clandestine passion with Alain Delon, before he left Romy Schneider to marry her in August 1964 in the strictest privacy. The couple immediately embarked aboard the France for a honeymoon. Before settling in Los Angeles, where she will give birth to their son Anthony a month later. They divorced in 1969, after a stormy love affair, disturbed in particular by the sulphurous “Markovic case“.

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Other personalities have also expressed their sadness after the disappearance of the unforgettable Jane Lagrange, mistress of the hired killer camped by Alain Delon, in the Samurai. Thus Luana Belmondo, the wife of Paul Belmondo, wrote these words to Anthony Delon: “I am really sad my friend. I love you.

Singer Stomy Bugsy also spoke directly to Anthony Delon to share his grief: “My sincere condolences Anthony, may she rest in peace … courage.“Just like the actress Anne Parillaud who expressed her emotion and her empathy:” I think about you very much, Anthony.

Finally Alain-Fabien Delon, Anthony’s young half-brother, wrote him words of comfort and encouragement after the loss of his mother: “Rest in peace. A strong woman, a strong mother. Be strong my brother …


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