I Am Greta, Eugénie Grandet, Flag Day… The films in theaters to see or not this week

The fight of the young ecological activist, Balzac revisited, Sean Penn as a crook … Discover our weekly cinema selection.

To have

Flag Day , a thriller by Sean Penn, 1h48

Dad is a crook. Go build, with that. Since her childhood, Jennifer has been banging against the windows. His father is never there. He robs banks, sets up scams not possible. Truth is not his type. Then John ends up leaving the family home, disappears for good, leaving the teenager and her brother with their alcoholic and depressed mother. The charm he had, though. She remembers the times when he tried to convince her that Nocturnes by Chopin were worth a thousand times the songs of Pete Seeger. With him, it could have been Christmas every day. He was born on June 14 and believed that the national holiday was organized just for him. There was tonight when he took them in an amphibious car. Fireworks lit up the river. Yes, but he also sowed grief around him. Disorder was the rule. IN.

Eugenie Grandet , a historical drama by Marc Dugain, 1h45

To adapt is to betray, they say. The successful writer and filmmaker Marc Dugain, to whom we owe The officers’ room Where Ordinary execution, where he stigmatized the misdeeds of Stalinism, knows this only too well. He made it his job. By choosing to rub shoulders with a literary monument such as Balzac, he nevertheless knows that he is leaning, like his friend Xavier Giannoli, who has set his sights on Lost illusions , on a story of unfailing romantic power. From the outset, the generic warns: “Freely adapted from the work of Honoré de Balzac.” Marc Dugain comes to put his two cents in the Balzacian broth! But he does it with finesse, precision, and with a trio of outstanding actors: Olivier Gourmet, Joséphine Japy and Valérie Bonneton. OD

Crossing , an animation by Florence Miailhe, 1h24

Crossing is an extraordinary animated film that has patiently bided its time to reveal its delicate beauty. A film about exile, this timeless fable tells the fate of two children thrown on the roads of exodus. After witnessing the fire in their village, Kyona and her younger brother Adriel face uprooting and its procession of hardships. During an initiatory journey that will take them from childhood to adolescence, they go through many trials, both fantastic, and very real to reach their destination… freedom. As beautiful as it is singular, La Traversée is above all a unique work conceived on a glass plate, a method of painting animated directly under the camera that gives the viewer the impression that the drawing is being made live before his eyes. The story is hard but treated without Manichaeism. In this parade of adults exploiting the distress of little migrants, a few strong and benevolent characters always give a glimpse of hope. OD

I liked living there , a documentary by Régis Sauder, 1h29

French cinema can no longer do without Annie Ernaux. Régis Sauder films Cergy, a new town where the actress and other residents reside who say they are happy to live in this uneventful suburb. Panting. S.S.

You can see

The Unquiet , a drama by Joachim Lafosse, 1h58

It’s better. At least it would seem. Damien is bipolar: we say it like that. If he does not take his medication, this painter is not doing well. So her nights are white. He goes to the garage to fix an old solex. His wife Leila knows the song. She must love him, her Damien, with his mood swings, his lies. He is untenable, spits out his pills in the secret. What a child! He is playing it. It’s not his fault. In this big house, boredom is forbidden to stay. With him, the unexpected is part of everyday life. He robs the village bakery and brings tons of cupcakes to his son’s classroom. He might have taught him not to be ashamed of anything, the kid blushed to the roots of his hair. S.S.

I Am Greta , a documentary by Nathalie Grossman, 1h37

It looks like it came out of the Village of the Damned, this science fiction classic where children are endowed with evil powers. Greta Thunberg, she wants to save humanity from climate catastrophe. Nathan Grossman films the schoolgirl’s fight, from her school strike in front of the Swedish Parliament to her rock star tour, an icon of a worried generation. The director manages to capture a few moments of doubt in the young girl with Asperger’s syndrome but above all echoes the green messianism of the “nerd” to the mat. S.S.

After love , a drama by Aleem Khan, 1h29

In Dover, in the south of England, Mary Hussain discovers, after the unexpected death of her husband, that he was leading a double life on the other side of the Channel (a mistress and a son). She arrives in Calais and passes herself off as a cleaning lady to Geneviève (Nathalie Richard). An interesting starting point, but the confrontation between the two women comes to an end. S.S.

Guermantes , a drama by Christophe Honoré, 2h19

In July 2020, the actors of the Comédie-Française rehearse a show after Proust. The chronicle of a troop in the middle of a pandemic, moving at the beginning and obliging at the end. S.S.

To avoid

This music doesn’t play for anyone , a comedy by Samuel Benchetrit, 1h47

With his offbeat romantic comedy, Samuel Benchetrit makes the absurd his banner. If a good range of actors give the answer, the film investigates the small stories. It’s crazy, contrived and pretentious. You can just feel the boredom. OD


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