Husband tested Covid-19 vaccine after the death of his wife

BrotherNigel Demaline always thought that she would die before Pauline because she was very healthy. Unexpectedly Covid-19 robbed his wife and put her husband into a vaccine trial.

Nigel shared the story that made him volunteer to participate in the Novavax vaccine trial with Dr. John Wright, Royal Hospital Bradford. The story was later published on by Dr. Wright BBC.

In March, Pauline Demaline, a 56-year-old healthy woman, became infected with nCoV. She passed away after a few days of hospital treatment.

Pauline is the parish chief at Holy Trinity Church in Skipton. She and her husband Nigel were very careful. You two don’t dare go out much. Nigel usually goes to the market in the early mornings when all the stalls are empty. However, Pauline still had to go to work and met occasionally with other parishioners, for example when the couples were about to get married and join the two sides.

At some point, she gradually lost strength and became tired. “Pauline felt like she was completely exhausted every time she left work,” Nigel said.

Everyone advised Pauline to go to the doctor, she refused to go. Pauline thought the situation would be all right, and everything would be over.

Finally, Nigel forced Pauline to see a doctor.

“I told Pauline she had three options: I would go to the doctor, I could call an ambulance or I would take her directly to the emergency room. I didn’t know it would be the last time. leave home with Pauline. “

In the emergency room, Pauline’s test result was negative. While the doctors were preparing to move her out of the isolation ward, the chest X-ray of Pauline caused them to change their minds.

“About four hours later, the doctor came back and apologized for the false negative result,” Nigel recalls.

The next day, Pauline’s condition deteriorated rapidly.

“The next time the doctor met me and my son, he said Pauline’s current condition was very bad. We asked him about the timing, and he said two days, or luckily three days. the moment I realized ‘this is a serious truth’ that families have to face “.

Pauline was hospitalized Tuesday, March 25. Conversations with the doctor take place on Friday. By Sunday, Nigel and her son spent the day with Pauline. At that time, she was having difficulty breathing and on Monday 30/3, Pauline passed away.

Dr. John Wright, who tells the story of volunteer testing vaccine Novavax. Image: BBC.

Nigel and Pauline met at a beach in Douglas, when Nigel realized that Pauline’s friend was from his hometown. A year later, Nigel joined the 16/5 regiment The Queen’s Royal Lancers, stationed near Germany’s eastern border.

In 1982, Nigel and Pauline got married. “We were too young at that time, but becoming Pauline’s husband was natural,” Nigel said.

Nigel always assumed he would die before his wife, as Pauline had only a history of asthma, but it was tightly controlled since childhood.

“Intolerable pain. A feeling of worthlessness swept over me. I wanted to do something to save Pauline, but I couldn’t,” Nigel said.

By the time Pauline died, Nigel did not know if he was infected with the virus. He was not tested. However, because he was visiting his wife at the Airedale general hospital near Keighley, he needed a two-week quarantine.

Nigel said: “It was a very vague time. It seemed like a part of the memory was suddenly erased. I don’t remember what I watched on TV. Then I woke up very early with my chest. For mercy? Or have I been infected with nCoV but only with mild symptoms? I don’t know “.

The great loss prompted Nigel to become one of the volunteers participating in the Novavax vaccine trial at the Royal Bradford Hospital.

“I didn’t hesitate, I just thought I needed to do this, because I don’t want anyone else to go through the bad things my family has suffered,” Nigel said.

The Novavax vaccine is entering end-stage testing.  Photo: TimesofIndia.

The Novavax vaccine is entering end-stage testing. Image: TimesofIndia.

The Novavax vaccine was developed in the US and is being tested in the UK on 10,000 volunteers. The Novavax vaccine is made using recombinant technology that targets the prickly protein – the protein that pathogens use to enter human cells. Like the Oxford vaccine, Novavax’s products have the outstanding advantage of being stable at normal refrigerator temperatures, so there’s no need for expensive transport or storage solutions. This will be very important when implementing in underdeveloped countries.

The world currently has 11 vaccines in the third testing phase and Pfizer has just completed this phase with 95% efficiency. Moderna is the second company in the US to announce the vaccine is 94.5% effective. Oxford / AstraZeneca reports 70 to 90% effectiveness. Before Moderna, Russia announced the Sputnik vaccine was 92% effective, but didn’t detail the test data. Sputnik is the first vaccine to be approved by Russia, although the testing phases have not yet been completed.

Most recently, the UK and Bahrain were the first two countries to license the Pfitzer vaccine. He plans to put in place the mass vaccination, with the first 800,000 thousand injections, starting next week. The Novavax vaccine is being tested in phase three, and has been ordered by the country for 60 million doses.

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