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Hundreds of people laid down their lives to leave Afghanistan, the photo of the crowd packed in the plane went viral

After the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, there is now fear among the people. Lakhs of people want to leave the country, there is chaos at the capital Kabul airport, people want to leave somehow. The situation can also be gauged from this that people are trying to climb the plane by hanging. In the video that came on social media, some people were seen sitting on the wings of the flying plane, which later fell. Three people also died in this incident. After that a photo of inside the same plane has surfaced.

Sensational video and picture of Afghan refugees

The American plane had a capacity to carry 134 passengers. But actually 800 people were sitting inside it. Video and photos of the US Air Force’s C-17 Globemaster aircraft show sensational views.

As he started taking off from Kabul airport, hundreds of people started running towards him. The refugees were trying to travel by hanging on the plane. Some people died in that attempt. Now the photo inside that plane has been released.

800 passengers instead of 134 in US Air Force aircraft

An official said that as soon as the plane door opened, hundreds of people trying to leave Afghanistan entered. The passenger capacity of the Globemaster aircraft is not very high. Despite this, American airmen sitting in the plane decided to take all the Afghan civilians. Audio of an employee is going viral. According to US military officials, more than 640 refugees were rescued. It can be seen in the picture that the children are clinging to their parents while others have used cargo straps as makeshift seatbelts. According to the DefenseOne website, the flight from Kabul to Qatar had the largest number of fatalities in 30 years.

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