Hundreds of hairworms in the intestine of a 86-year-old man

DanangA 86-year-old man, vomiting continuously for a week, could not urinate, Doctor of Hospital 199 discovered hundreds of hairworms in the intestine.

On March 5, Dr. Hoang Phuong Thuy, Head of the Department of Gastroenterology – Endocrinology, Hospital 199 (Ministry of Public Security) said that the patient was hospitalized with pain in the left epigastric region, vomiting of pink fluid. Colonoscopy revealed hundreds of hairworms stirring in the patient’s intestines.

Patient has a history of heart failure, cerebral infarction, and prostate fibroids. After being treated with drugs, her health was stable, and continued treatment at the Department of Cardiology.

According to Dr. Thuy, the main cause of whipworm infection is eating foods containing worm eggs, foods that are not thoroughly washed and not cooked.

“Whipworms cause damage to the intestinal mucosa, anemia leads to depletion, if severe worm infection can cause prolapse and ulceration of the rectum”, Dr. Thuy said.

Image of colonoscopy of patient with hundreds of hairworms. Photo from Hospital 199.

Dr. Thuy recommends people to periodically deworming 2 times a year, the time for deworming is 4-6 months apart. Go to the hospital for examination as soon as there are abnormal symptoms, promptly treat the disease to avoid becoming serious. Maintain a healthy, well-done eating routine to reduce your risk of infection with worms.

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