Huawei official criticizes Chinese 5G “fake, stupid, poor”

10/16/2020 15:23 GMT + 7

Ryan Ding, the head of Huawei’s carrier division, poured cold water on China’s 5G service.

Mr. Ryan Ding. Photo: Huawei

China may be the country with the widest 5G deployment and has the largest number of 5G subscribers in the world, but compared to other countries – South Korea in particular – Mr. Ryan Ding said China’s 5G is far behind.

According to Sina Tech, speaking during an event in China held on October 14, Mr. Ding commented that 5G China still has a gap in user experience and coverage. Ding said the average download speed of 5G South Korea is more than 600 Mbit / s, and China is 270 Mbit / s. As of the end of September, the 5G penetration rate in South Korea was 25%, while in China it was 8%.

If 5G starts to drive revenue and profit growth for South Korean carriers, the Chinese carrier has yet to get nothing from its huge investment.

Mr. Ding admits that the early stage of 5G has just completed much better than the 4G experience, but China’s 5G still has many problems. He uses three simple words to describe, that is, “fake, stupid and poor”.

In many cases, users’ phones show 5G logo but cannot connect to 5G networks. They are still using 4G but the screen is 5G. In addition, the user area may already be covered by 5G but due to poor signal, leading to a very bad experience and frequent switching from 4G to 5G and vice versa.

According to Ding, although the number of 5G users in China has reached 150 million, based on carrier statistics, many people are still using the 5G package on 4G phones. Meanwhile, many people already have a 5G phone that doesn’t have 5G coverage.

Mr. Ding commented that the operator faces increasing operating and maintenance costs, especially energy costs. 5G equipment will increase the power consumption of the base station. However, according to a Huawei survey, about 32% of mobile stations do not have enough electricity.

Ding’s comments go against public discussions about Chinese 5G, where officials and leaders refer to base station numbers and subscribers as an indicator of success. Mr. Ding urges carriers to build a 5G business ecosystem through innovative and different applications. He also said that they need to cut spending, optimize total cost of ownership and restructure their IT platforms to meet massive demand in the next two to three years.

Du Lam (According to Lightreading)

Huawei is China's most valuable consumer electronics company

Huawei is China’s most valuable consumer electronics company

Five of China’s 10 most valuable consumer electronics companies are smartphone makers. In particular, Huawei ranked first despite being subject to many sanctions from the US.


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