Huawei joins the fight with Nike, Adidas?

Chinese telecommunications technology group Huawei (China) was criticized by the UK after blocking the download of apps of two sports fashion brands Nike and Adidas on its app store.

According to the sheet The Times on 4/4, side Huawei said that the move is in accordance with their “risk handling process” after receiving a significant amount of complaints from users, adding that the removal is only temporary.

“The fact that Huawei is part of the Beijing government’s leverage has never been a secret, it just takes a long time,” said Tom Tugendhat, a Conservative MP and co-founder of the China research group. more to realize that “.

Mr. Sam Armstrong at the consulting organization on foreign policy and national security across the Atlantic Henry Jackson Society (UK) also accused that this shows that there are no so-called “independent companies” in China. .

He criticized Huawei for blocking downloads of Adidas and Nike apps. Photo: SCMP

Earlier, both Nike and Adidas faced a backlash from consumers in China after the companies issued a statement regarding allegations of “forced labor in Xinjiang”.

While Nike told its customers they did not supply products from this region, Adidas said it never produced goods there and did not have a contractual relationship with any supplier in Tan. Cuong.

Amid a wave of boycott, H&M products also quickly disappeared from China’s major e-commerce platforms after making a statement regarding forced labor in Xinjiang.

Recently, Chinese managers on April 2 said that fashion brand H&M (Sweden) has agreed to change the “problem map” on the internet after being criticized by Beijing.

Many H&M stores in China were ordered to close by landlords while a series of billboards of fashion brands from Sweden were removed.

In order to force foreign brands to comply, China has taken advantage of its right to access huge consumer markets. Analysts rate China’s response to H&M this time much more strongly than in previous times when foreign brands were seen as “crossing the political red line” in China.

This puts H&M at risk of becoming the first business victim in the context of Beijing being criticized by the West. The US also condemns China’s boycott media campaign – with both consumers and businesses involved – targeting American, European and Japanese companies.

According to the Employees

Huawei had the lowest revenue growth in a decade

Huawei had the lowest revenue growth in a decade

According to a report released March 31st, Huawei generated $ 136.7 billion in revenue for the group in 2020, up 3.8% from the previous year, which is believed to be growth in sales the lowest year in the past decade.


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