Huawei devices pass the international security test

On December 29, Huawei announced that its 5G and LTE equipment had passed the global wireless standards agency 3GPP’s security test.

Conducted by the European certification body DERKA, Huawei’s 5G gNodeB 5G gNodeB and LTE eNodeB (RAN) radio access network devices have passed the 3GPP security specification test, called SCAS.

Huawei devices pass the international security test

The tests include general network product security, wireless interface security and basic vulnerability testing, such as data and information protection, radio interface encryption, and integrity protection. integrity, stability, and black box testing to detect critical product security flaws that are not detected by conventional testing techniques (this is called Fuzz testing).

According to the report, each test passed with a score of 100%.

Equipment of Huawei also passed the Global Mobile Carrier Association (GSMA) network equipment security scheme test, known as NESAS.

Along with that, Huawei became the first 5G and LTE provider to officially pass both GSMA’s NESAS security rating and 3GPP’s SCAS.

NESAS / SACS is a standardized network security assessment mechanism, exclusively for the mobile industry. It is co-developed by GSMA and 3GPP, the telecommunications industry’s leading standards-setting organizations.

In a press release, Huawei said: “Huawei supports GSMA and 3GPP in developing global standardized security assessment and urges the telecom industry to widely adopt NESAS / SCAS to promote the sustainable development of global cybersecurity standards ”.

Phan Van Hoa(according to Koreaherald)

Germany will not completely ban Huawei from participating in 5G networks

Germany will not completely ban Huawei from participating in 5G networks

New IT privacy law proposed by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet gives the country’s security agency more power to exclude suppliers they consider to threaten important German information systems. .


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