Huawei confidently dominates the Vietnamese game market

According to representatives of Huawei, AppGallery especially focuses on developing the game ecosystem in the Vietnam market – the country with many famous game studios such as Amanotes, VNG, Onesoft …

Although born late compared to competitors, Huawei AppGallery has proved its potential not only in its great investment potential or the world’s leading technology platform, but also great incentives for partners. as committed to protecting the interests of users.

High share of revenue

Developers often have the main source of revenue coming from app sales, in-app purchases or advertising. Currently, game publishers are having a headache because of the high revenue sharing for the app stores.

Meanwhile, Huawei is making the AppGallery revenue share far more appealing. Specifically, the ad revenue share is 90% in 2020 and 80% in 2021, from in-app transactions is 85%. With attractive policies, game developers not only have the opportunity to reach the global market in a less complicated way, but revenue is also increased significantly.

Mr. Dinh Hong Ha, Director of Huawei Ecosystem Development shared about AppGallery and Huawei Ads

The question is why Huawei confidently shares such a high share of revenue for developers. What is certain is that Huawei is looking to attract as many app developers as possible since they are in the race with CH Play and Appstore, but it is still not convincing enough when Huawei comes up with this number.

Sharing about this issue, Huawei representative said, not only because of wanting to attract “talent” for AppGallery, but Huawei also considers it to respect the brain of the developer, they have the right and deserve to be.

Huawei Ads – a premium digital marketing advertising network on Huawei devices

Huawei Ads is Huawei’s advertising platform – part of Huawei Mobile Service (Huawei Mobile Service). This system allows to exploit ads on Huawei and third-party apps, namely games and apps in the Huawei AppGallery download store on phones using the EMUI interface.

Huawei confidently dominates the Vietnamese game market

This advertising platform leverages data management capabilities to analyze and display ad content tailored to each audience. If the application content is rated well, the system will automatically update and show recommendations for users with corresponding needs. This is also the core value of Huawei AppGallery – ensuring the quality of content delivered to users.

In addition, Huawei Ads also combines the advantages of the exclusive marketing system in Huawei’s smart ecosystem to support various ad formats in addition to traditional banners and icons, such as Splash – display. When opening the app, Rewarded – active user interaction, Interstital – an innovative full-screen format with multiple sizes.

It can be said that, with a strong background in technology that is always ready to support developers, Huawei also offers many attractive incentives from optimizing revenue at the highest level as well as innovation in approach. user. Along with the number of active monthly users of more than 490 million, AppGallery is taking steady steps of development and gradually building trust among developers and users.

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