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How will Biden-Harris win for India, know expert’s opinion

Washington: US presidential elections are important not only for America but for the whole world. This time Indians were deeply interested in this election. The reason for this is Senator Kamala Harris, who is now going to become the next Vice President of America. Kamala is the child of an Indian mother and Jamaican father. Kamala Harris’s victory is being celebrated in India. But what will be the effect of the victory of Biden and Harris on the relationship between India and America from political and diplomatic perspective. Will the new US government work towards strengthening the relationship between the two countries or can there be distances in the relations between the two countries. Experts know about this

Think tanks and Indian experts in the US believe that Biden will continue to strengthen Indo-US relations, who was elected president. “The Biden administration will be primarily positive for India,” said Rick Rosso of the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank. “I hope the most positive areas of cooperation will be retained – especially the defense sector,” he said.

Rosso said that there are two major issues that can really define the US-India relationship. He said, “First, how does the Biden administration deal with a possible ban on India over the purchase of defense from Russia? Second, if the US loudly raises its concerns about social issues in India, what would be the rift?”

Rosso also said that in the Biden administration, India would face less pressure on relations with Iran and renewable energy cooperation would be valued.

However, Reso said trade tensions between the countries would continue. According to Ashley J. Tellis, ‘Tata Chair for Strategic’ in the Carnegie Endowment for Peace ‘think tank, there is no doubt that Biden will strengthen Indo-US relations. He said that Biden will have to overcome problems in his country and restore American leadership abroad. Apart from this, everything is later.

Swadesh Chatterjee, an old friend of the elected president living in North Carolina, said that Biden really wants India to be America’s strongest friend and its best ally in the 21st century. He said that Biden believes in it. Chatterjee said that Indo-American relations no longer depend on individuals. They are darker and will be better.

Chatterjee said that Biden has always supported Indo-American relations. If Biden did not have the role as head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the historic nuclear deal would never have been passed by the US Congress. He said there was a Republican administration at that time and Biden played a key role as a Democrat, as he strongly believes in Indo-US relations.

The Indo-US nuclear deal was started in 2005. After the first nuclear test by India in 1974, the US banned India. This agreement was reached after about 30 years. The historic agreement was signed during George Bush’s term.

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