How to wash your hair to prevent hair loss?

In winter, my hair often falls out a lot, quickly greasy due to drizzle in the North. How should I take care of my hair to avoid damage and reduce shedding? (Hoa, 23 years old, Hanoi).


Shampooing is a way to clean oily skin, but should only be washed two to three times a week, even if your skin is oily or your hair is quickly sticky. Washing too much also makes hair fall out quickly, making hair dry, thin, brittle, causing dandruff. Before washing, you must detangle your hair before bathing with a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush to reduce the amount of hair falling out in the shower.

It is advisable to choose the right shampoo because shampoos for coarse hair may not be suitable for fine hair. You need to understand the quality of your hair to find a good oil and carefully read the sulfate content in the shampoo. This is a type of cleanser that is suitable for people with naturally oily hair, ie hair and oily skin, and other groups of people are not suitable.

Use fingertips or hands to gently massage. After washing, do not use a dry towel to rub your hair, but use a soft towel to gently absorb water on your hair to keep the moisture and the protective film surrounding the hair from being damaged.

Note that you should use warm water to wash your hair to help the cuticles open and easily remove dirt and oil. Then, you use cold water to rinse will help the cuticles close, to help the skin more shiny.

After washing, do not go out when your hair is still wet, wet hair will easily collect dust. Do not sleep when your hair is wet, otherwise, it will cause your hair to fall out a lot, cause dandruff, create conditions for fungal growth…. Do not wash your hair early in the morning or late at night, harmful to health, easy to lead to colds, flu or stroke in people with risk factors.

Do not use a hair dryer or hair styler regularly. Before use, use hair conditioner as a mask to protect hair from the effects of heat.

Some other causes of hair loss can be found in both men and women such as psychological stress, stress, fatigue, anxiety, lack of sleep, genetics, nutritional deficiencies, abuse of hairdressing chemicals, anti-inflammatory drugs. cancer, heparin, verapamil… Effects from some diseases such as scalp inflammation, thyroid disease… also cause hair loss. Therefore, in addition to taking care with products such as shampoo, conditioner, steaming cream, and balm, you should maintain an adequate nutrition regimen that will help form strong, smooth hair with less breakage.

Keep the spirit happy, optimistic, relaxed. Try to sleep early before 11pm, get enough sleep. Listen to soft music before going to bed to relax mentally and practice sports regularly.

Dr. Tran Hanh Vy

Department of Dermatology and Aesthetics, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City


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