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I had a cough, fever over 38 degrees, body aches and pains but the quick test was negative, then the PCR test was positive. Maybe I’m not testing properly, please consult a doctor. (Male, 29 years old, Ha Nam).


When doing a quick self-test for Covid-19 at home, you need to pay attention to using a kit that has been licensed by the Ministry of Health. You can look up the official website to find information about the manufacturer, test kit name or release unit.

Each rapid test kit has different instructions for use depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, you need to read the user manual carefully before taking the sample.

Before sampling, ensure that the sampling area is sufficiently ventilated, and the sampler must have appropriate personal protection to avoid infection. In addition, sampling technique determines over 90% accuracy.

Instructions for quick self-test to take samples at home. Video: Hanoi Medical University Hospital

The time to read the results depends on the type of rapid test. Normally, rapid test takes about 15-30 minutes to give results. If negative, the test tray will only appear a red line in the letter C. If positive, the test tray will appear two lines in the letters C and T. In the case of the test tray, there will be no lines in the letters C and T or only the line appears in the letter T, the result is not valid.

However, for accurate quick test results depends on the time of taking. For example, in the incubation period or just after being exposed to an infectious source, an infected person may be infected but have a low viral load. At this point, the possibility of being negative is high because the virus has not yet multiplied enough to be detected by commercial rapid tests. Or when self-testing, the suspected infected person performed the wrong operation or technique.

In the family, if the elderly cannot take samples by themselves, someone else can assist. The sampler should wear an N95 mask, it is best to wear anti-droplet glasses, wear gloves, and wash and disinfect hands before and after taking samples.

Garbage after rapid testing must be disposed of in accordance with regulations, including putting it in a sealed bag, disinfecting the outside of the bag with 70 degrees of alcohol or Chloramin B, placing it in a dustbin with a tight lid and not sharing it with others. domestic waste.

Quick test is available, easy to find but should not be abused, wasting money, time, and causing anxiety. The rapid test should only be used to diagnose when you have suspected symptoms of cough, fever, runny nose, .. Or diagnose the patient’s recovery to decide whether to stop isolation or continue treatment. Note, it is recommended to test again after 7 days from the date of positive detection for the most accurate results.

Doctor Vu Quoc Dat
Vice President, School of Tropical Diseases, Hanoi Medical University


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