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Normally, I feed the baby with porridge with pureed vegetables, but now in the blockade area, there are not enough green vegetables (Thanh An, HCMC).

So the family can leave green vegetables in the baby’s weaning diet? Or you can replace green vegetables with foods that can also add fiber? How to balance nutrition for the family when some food is lacking?


In order to have a nutritious meal, food must have enough substances to provide energy: starch, fat, protein, in addition to vitamins, minerals, fiber… Previously, in the diet of When it comes to babies, fiber does not get much attention from mothers, although it plays a very important role, helping with good digestion.

According to the recommendations of the National Institute of Nutrition, adults need to eat 400 grams of green vegetables per day, children 10-20 grams of green vegetables in a meal. Green vegetables are important foods that provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber to the body.

Currently, the family in the blockade area, it is difficult to buy green vegetables. In case the mother does not have vegetables, she can use foods containing fiber at home to prepare food for the baby. For example, if the family has vegetables, water spinach, adults can eat the whole stalk, leaving the leaves for the child.

Vegetables are important foods that provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber to the body. Photo: WLC

In addition, parents can replace green vegetables with tubers that can be preserved longer such as carrots, pumpkins, and squash. If the local government supports food, the family should give priority to the baby. Another way is that you can create your own green vegetables like bean sprouts. In fact, during the examination, many mothers said that they were afraid that vegetables had pesticides and preservatives, so they asked the doctor to teach their mother how to make bean sprouts.

In addition to vegetables, tubers, and fruits, children need additional nutrition from protein-rich foods, fish, shrimp, meat, and eggs. During the quarantine period, it becomes difficult to provide fresh food such as fish and shrimp. To overcome this, mom can preserve by freezing, go to buy food about 2 times a week.

Besides shrimp, fish and meat, eggs are very good food for children, can be processed in a variety of ways, and are easy to preserve. In the daily meal, mothers pay attention to adding fat to their children from oils and fats.

The preservation of food is concerned by many mothers such as whether nutrition is lost, food safety … Fresh vegetables for 1-3 days, the amount of vitamin C will be lost about 26%. At this time, the mother uses vegetables to provide fiber, and vitamins can be supplemented with other preparations.

Many families boil and process food to store baby food. In fact, boiling vegetables, or preparing them, helps to eliminate bacteria but disrupts the food cell structure, losing nutrients. If you share processed food with raw food, it is easy to re-infection. At this time, the ability to multiply bacteria is higher. Therefore, parents need to pay attention to food preservation.

Storing food in the freezer will inhibit bacterial growth. However, some bacteria still survive at -20 degrees Celsius but can be killed at high temperatures (ie, will die when boiled). Mothers should only store prepared foods for about a week, leaving too long affects the health of children.

Assoc.Prof.Dr.BS Cao Thi Thu Huong
Nutrihome Nutrition Clinic


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