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I have a long dry cough after recovering from Covid-19, I have used cough suppressants, but I am still very tired. What should I do? (Minh Nhan, 27 years old, Hanoi)


Cough is a natural reflex of the body to help eliminate respiratory foreign bodies such as mucus, phlegm… After being infected with respiratory viruses, including Covid-19, patients often cough for a long time. , cough with phlegm or persistent dry cough.

In your case, excessive dry cough causes fatigue, diaphragm pain, chest wall pain, affecting quality of life. You can apply some of the following physiological ways to relieve cough:

People who recover from Covid feel short of breath, short of breath, so they often breathe quickly, which is easy to cause a cough. Practice breathing slowly, inhaling slowly, slowly, exhaling slowly. You should avoid taking quick, quick breaths because it will make the air flow into the lungs suddenly, causing irritation to cause coughing.

You should speak less, speak moderately, do not exert yourself in all activities to reduce the rapid breathing rate that irritates the cough. When sleeping, lay your head up or lie on your side. This position will help open the airways, clear and prevent throat irritation.

Besides the medicine advised by the doctor, you can suck on sugar-free candies, some herbs have the effect of reducing throat irritation. Check yourself to see if the body has gastroesophageal reflux disease? This syndrome causes acid from the stomach to back up into the esophagus (the digestive tube connecting the mouth to the stomach) also causes a prolonged cough, often occurring after the body is stressed and anxious.

Finally, stay optimistic, don’t obsess too much about the cough and post-Covid-19 condition or the problem of lung damage. Anxiety causes stress, making the body slow to recover after Covid-19.

Doctor Nguyen Dang Khiem

Head of Emergency Department, Friendship Hospital


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