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How to punish Russia on Ukraine issue, world leaders are thinking

Brussels: World leaders are shocked by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order to deploy troops to separatist-controlled areas of Ukraine amid the escalation of war in Europe and are now looking at how they react. Make it more effective.

Germany took the first major step and started the process of stopping the certification process of ‘Nord Stream 2’ gas pipeline from Russia. It was a lucrative deal for Moscow and the US criticized Europe’s growing dependence on Russian energy supplies.

The West says Putin’s moves in Ukraine have violated countless international agreements and that since words of diplomacy have failed, it is time to move to action.

‘This is a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty’
Russia says it is sending “peacekeepers” to eastern Ukraine, but EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said it was a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty. “I wouldn’t say it’s a complete offensive, but Russian troops are on Ukrainian soil,” Borrell said.

The latest developments are enough to force the 27-nation union into ‘high alert mode’ and EU foreign ministers will decide later on Tuesday how deep to deepen the first series of sanctions.

Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonite and Austrian Chancellor Karl Neheimer expressed concern over the developments and called for action. “There are a number of restriction options that now need to be used in a targeted manner,” Nehamer said.

Asian countries also worried
The conflict could devastate Ukraine and cause huge economic damage across Europe, which is heavily dependent on Russian energy. Asian countries are also worried about the developments.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in instructed his officials to be prepared to deal with the economic fallout in South Korea if the Ukraine crisis deepens and US-backed nations impose tough economic sanctions on Russia.

Putin blamed NATO for the current crisis and called the US-led coalition a potential threat to Russia.

What do different countries have to say,
New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Nania Mahuta said there was no basis for Putin to recognize Ukraine’s separatist territories under international law.

NATO member Turkey, which has close ties with both Ukraine and Russia, criticized Moscow’s decision to recognize the independence of regions in eastern Ukraine. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoan said: “We consider this decision by Russia unacceptable. We reiterate our call for the parties to respect international law.” China, a traditional ally of Russia, made the soft remarks, calling for restraint and a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

At the same time, the White House issued an executive order restricting investment and trade in the separatist regions of Ukraine.

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