How to mute spam calls on iPhone

Spam calls are often annoying, especially when appearing with a dense frequency in a day. With just one simple installation, you can eliminate that nuisance.

Silence Unknown Callers, introduced in iOS 13, can be used to effectively block spam calls. However, due to not being widely available, many people still do not know about this feature.

Accordingly, Silence Unknown Callers will block calls from numbers not in your contacts. If an unknown number tries to contact you, it goes straight to voicemail. iPhone won’t ring when an unknown number calls, but you’ll still get missed call notifications.

If an emergency call is made, this feature will temporarily turn itself off for 24 hours to ensure that all incoming calls are received by the user.

To enable this feature, select Settings>Phone>Activate the item Silence when strangers call.

However, Apple notes that you may not have a stranger’s number saved in your contacts, but if you previously texted or shared a phone number in an email with them, you’ll still receive it when those numbers call.

If Silence Unknown Callers makes you afraid of missing important calls such as from customers or shippers, you can optionally block specific contacts. Select Settings> Phone>Blocked Contacts and select or add a new contact you want to block. Once selected, no calls, texts or emails will be sent from that phone number.

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