How to keep spring rolls and spring rolls on New Year’s Eve so they don’t go rancid?

I want to stock up on cold dishes on Tet such as spring rolls, spring rolls, and spring rolls, how should I store and store them so they don’t go rancid and ensure health and safety? (Nhan, 29 years old, HCMC).


Cold foods such as spring rolls, spring rolls, sausages, cheese, ham, canned goods… on the market are diverse, attractive, convenient, do not have to be processed as fussy and time consuming as food. fresh.

To ensure health and safety, all cold foods must be kept cold. Some foods may appear cracks, fatty acid components will ferment, have a sour smell, which means they have been spoiled and should not be used. Frozen foods should defrost naturally. Store leftovers in a covered container. Store the dish in its packaging until cooked.

Beware of preservatives and salt in canned foods. These foods have been cooked or salted to disinfect, increase storage time and limit bacterial contamination. Therefore, the content of salt and preservatives in food is often high, which is harmful to health. To reduce the amount of salt and preservatives, we should choose to buy products of reputable companies, famous brands, pay attention to ingredients and nutritional values, instructions for use, how to preserve, Expiry date, manufacturing company, place of manufacture…

Foods such as cheese, sausage, pate, canned meat … contain quite a lot of animal fat, cholesterol, and salt, which will not be good for people with cholesterol, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes. .. should be used sparingly.

Families prioritize choosing fresh, nutritious, delicious and safe foods. You should put frozen foods in the freezer, vegetables to keep them cool. For frozen foods such as meat, shrimp, etc., when purchased, they should be placed in the freezer, divided into small portions according to the amount of each meal. Eat where to get there, use time 14-30 days.

For fruits and vegetables, when you buy them, you don’t need to wash them immediately, but take a paper to preserve them, wrap them up and put them in a tray. Do not use plastic bags to tie tightly, there will be standing water, making vegetables and fruits easy to wilt and rot. Vegetables can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days but are best used immediately. Other hot foods should be left to cool, then refrigerated, used within 3-4 days.

Note that food should not be overloaded in the refrigerator, because the cold will not spread evenly throughout the food, the preservation effect will be poor.

MSc. Dr. Nguyen Van Tien
Nutrition Education and Communication Center, Institute of Nutrition


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