How to issue and change ordinary passports online at home

From July 1, 2022, Vietnam has started to issue new ordinary passports (without chip) to citizens. Compared to the current model, the new ordinary passport model has many improvements.

Accordingly, the new passport model is elaborately designed. On each passport page will appear typical images, typical of the country.

The new ordinary passport model will keep the standard size of 88mmx125mm. However, the green color on the cover will be changed to purple blue. The new ordinary passport model is also more secure in terms of security and anti-counterfeiting techniques.

The new model ordinary passport is purple in color.

Before the new passport form was issued, in June, the issuance of ordinary passports according to the old form to people was limited. Besides, the design form of the new passport is considered to be eye-catching and attracts a lot of people’s attention. Therefore, since the beginning of July until now, the number of people applying for and changing ordinary passports according to the new form has increased dramatically.

VietNamNet’s record shows that the number of people coming to the unit to make new passports has increased. On average, the authorities have to process 1,500 direct submissions per day. Therefore, the waiting time is also longer than usual.

However, many people do not know that, instead of having to queue for hours to get a new passport, they can do it online at home.

There are both level 3 and level 4 public services to make people able to get ordinary passports.

With level 3 online public service, people can download the passport application form at, then declare information at home and then go to the import-export agency. scene to submit the application.

People can use a level 3 public service to declare information at home and then go to the authorities to submit an application for a passport.

As for the online public service level 4, from June 1, Vietnam has officially implemented the online passport issuance. This also means, people can sit at home or anywhere with Internet to apply for passports, take photos, pay fees and receive passports at home by post.

Subjects applying online passport procedures are Vietnamese citizens in the country with a valid chip-based citizen ID or a valid 12-digit citizen ID. Online passport applicants must have a valid account on the Government Public Service Portal and be able to pay fees online through the Government payment system.

In public service level 4, all processes are done online. People can apply for a passport at home and receive it by post.

To issue and change passports online, the applicant needs to access the address

After that, users need to log in to the system, select the procedure they want to perform (issuing passports at the central or provincial level).

In the next step, people need to fill out the passport application form X01, including email address and upload a portrait photo to print on the passport.

Finally, people need to choose the form of receiving their passport and paying the fee online.

The implementation of level 4 public services helps people not need to go to the authorities when there is a need to issue and change ordinary passports according to the new form. This will save people time, effort and travel costs.

In addition to the new ordinary passport model being issued, it is expected that Vietnam will deploy a new ordinary passport model with an electronic chip in the fourth quarter of 2022.

This is also one of the utilities that people can clearly feel when Vietnam is actively implementing the national digital transformation program with the pillars being digital government, digital economy and digital society.

Trong Dat


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