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Experts advise patients to change their diet, reduce their eating rate and control their breathing to overcome difficulty swallowing caused by Covid-19.

During the recovery period after contracting Covid-19, 40% of patients experience hypoxemia and difficulty swallowing. Follow The Health Services Regulatory Authority of Ireland (HSE), This condition is described as a state in which the patient has difficulty breathing and swallowing and has to hold his breath while swallowing.

In addition, the patient may find it easier to cough or choke. Eating and drinking also makes the patient lose strength than usual, leading to a feeling of fatigue and shortness of breath.

More than 40% of patients experience hypoxia and difficulty swallowing. Image: Freepik

Patients with prolonged Covid-19 status may experience respiratory problems including respiratory abnormalities, fibrosis, and hypoxic injury. This leads to difficulty coordinating breathing and swallowing, and makes swallowing difficult.

Dysphagia that can persist for weeks to months is unrelated to the severity of the Covid-19 symptoms experienced. Here are some expert suggestions to help you improve swallowing difficulties:

Drink water: Drinking small amounts of water before eating stimulates the swallowing response by touching heat and touch receptors in the mouth and throat that transmit sensory information to the brain stem.

Change your diet: Dietary changes improve the patient’s ability to coordinate breathing and swallowing. Liquid foods may be the right solution for patients with swallowing difficulties because with solid foods that require crushing, it can further disrupt breathing and swallowing coordination and consume a lot of energy. more quantity.

In addition, it is necessary to build a flexible diet because the patient’s condition can change from day to day, even hour to hour. Therefore, the right measures and nutrition today may not be effective in the following days.

Reduce the speed of eating: One solution in improving the difficulty of swallowing of Covid-19 patients is recommended to apply is to take continuous breaks during meals, eat small portions and reduce the speed of eating. This solution is effective in increasing airway safety and improving endurance.

Control your breath: This allows for regular breathing and reduces the chance of experiencing shortness of breath. After swallowing, encourage the patient to exhale spontaneously to facilitate airway clearance and normalize breathing and swallowing patterns.

Patients with Covid-19 may face difficulty swallowing for weeks or months. If this condition does not improve, the patient needs to see a doctor for advice and an appropriate treatment regimen.

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