How to help cancer patients reduce the risk of infection

People with cancer should limit crowds, avoid contact with sick people, and do not eat raw food to reduce the risk of infection.

During chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer, the white blood cell count decreases, making the patient more susceptible to infection. Infection with cancer makes treatment difficult. As a result, cancer patients are often told by their doctors about the risk of infection during treatment.

Besides medical methods to help patients fight harmful agents such as bacteria. Some notes in lifestyle changes and activities can help patients reduce the risk of infection during chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Very Well Health (America).

Crowd restrictions

One of the common risks of infection during chemotherapy is exposure to other pathogens. Close contact in closed areas has a high risk of disease transmission, especially diseases transmitted through saliva, air… Crowded places can be mentioned as buses, shopping malls, meetings, etc. music performance…

Cancer patients should pay attention to limiting crowds during peak epidemics, because the possibility of viral infection is higher. If you have to come into contact with a crowd, the sick person should wear a mask and follow the proper disinfection regulations.

Crowds can be a source of infection. Image: Freepik

Avoid contact with sick people

You should limit contact with sick people, including loved ones, while you are undergoing cancer treatment. Contact with infectious sources, sharing dishes, utensils, eating utensils, makeup can increase the risk of infection.

Food risk

Certain foods can lead to infections. Follow Very Well Health, There are nearly 50 million cases of foodborne illness each year in the United States. Cancer patients should avoid eating raw meat, eat only cooked seafood, and not eat sushi until you have finished treatment. You should wash vegetables and fruits carefully, eggs must be completely cooked, do not eat persimmon eggs, raw eggs. Avoid eating honey because people with immunosuppressed cancer can be poisoned.

In cooking, you should not use the same cutting board to cut raw chicken and vegetables because it is easy to cause cross-contamination. Other preventive measures such as not eating fruits and vegetables showing signs of spoilage; Avoid cheeses and moldy foods.

Limit contact with pets

Pets can be a leading cause of infection. The problem of infection can be transmitted from animals to humans. During chemotherapy, radiation therapy for cancer, patients should avoid keeping cats or dogs. If you previously had a cat, you should try to keep it indoors, limiting the pet’s exposure to the disease outside because it can bring pathogens home.

You should also ask someone else to clean up and pick up dog and cat feces; Play with the pet carefully, do not let it scratch, bite and leave scratches. For birds, fish, people with cancer should wear gloves if picking up feces, cleaning bird cages or cleaning fish tanks. You should also avoid pets such as reptiles and wild animals during chemotherapy.

Vaccination, change life habits

Changing lifestyle habits can include using an electric shaver instead of a razor, bathing every day, using a soft toothbrush, etc. People with cancer should also consult their doctor and get injections. vaccines are allowed to reduce the risk of other diseases.

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