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During the distance due to the epidemic, it is very difficult to move, if unfortunately a family member falls and breaks a bone, they need to give first aid properly to be safe, not to cause further injury.

According to master, specialist doctor 1 Le Dinh Khoa, Center for Orthopedic Trauma, Tam Anh General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City: Life-related accidents, falls leading to fractures are very common in families. During the Covid-19 epidemic, many localities implemented distance, making travel difficult. Therefore, people need to be equipped with proper first aid skills to avoid hurting the victim.

The first thing a family member should do when a loved one falls is to check the injured person’s consciousness by asking questions. If the injured person does not respond, it is possible that consciousness has been affected or there is an accompanying cervical spine injury.

Family members avoid moving the injured person unless necessary. Because, improper movement will make the injury more serious.

While waiting for medical help, family members need to do a few things, such as:

– Hemostasis: First aid is the application of pressure to a wound through a sterile bandage, clean cloth, or piece of clean clothing.

– Fix the injured site: Family members should not try to realign the bone or push the bone back together. The family member can place a splint in the area above and below the broken bone. Padding the splints can help reduce discomfort for the injured person.

– Apply ice: Apply an ice pack to the injured site to limit swelling and aid pain relief. Note to avoid applying ice directly to the skin, need to wrap it in a towel, cloth or some other item before putting it on the skin.

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