How to get rid of fatigue and headache after Covid – VnExpress

If you suffer from fatigue and persistent headaches in the post-Covid-19 period, you need to seek specialist treatment to know more about your condition. Your doctor will guide you in cognitive and behavioral therapy, combined with appropriate exercise therapy.

In particular, the patient needs to be guided to maintain an appropriate lifestyle and exercise regimen to avoid excessive activity that causes exhaustion and excessive fatigue. You should maintain a reasonable diet, rich in minerals, vitamins and energy; Make sure you get enough sleep.

To treat post-Covid headaches often combine many different methods depending on the medical condition. For example, headaches with neuropsychiatric factors, need to coordinate with psychotherapy, maintain a mode of movement – rest and get enough sleep, regularly relax against stress (do yoga, meditation or mindfulness). .

People with headaches with reduced cognitive function, poor concentration and “brain fog” phenomenon, should use more fruits and vegetables containing many antioxidant compounds with flavonoid components such as celery, broccoli, and tomatoes. carrot, perilla, olive oil, chamomile tea…

Doctor Le Thi Xuan
Deputy Head of Internal Infectious Diseases Department, 199 Hospital


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