How to gargle to prevent Covid-19?

Doctors recommend gargling with chlorhexidine solution, throat spray with betadin, which can help prevent viruses and bacteria from entering and causing disease.

Dr. Le Quoc Hung, Head of the Department of Tropical Diseases, Cho Ray Hospital, said that the causative agent, including the virus that causes Covid-19, enters the body through the nose and mouth. Wearing a mask in people who are not sick helps prevent droplets from entering, and in sick people helps prevent the virus from releasing and spreading into the environment.

According to Dr. Hung, if unfortunately wearing a mask is not guaranteed, or when touching infected hands with the virus on the nose and mouth, they can enter the oropharynx. At that time, use a solution capable of killing viruses to gargle and pick your nose to help prevent the virus from entering. If the virus invades, after multiplying and breaking the cell, the antiseptic solution is also waiting to destroy it. Thus, both uninfected and infected people, oropharyngeal antiseptic solutions contribute to the prevention of infection as well as the spread of disease.

“There is no 100% way to prevent the disease, but the more measures combined, the higher the likelihood of safety,” said Dr. Hung. Hygiene of the oropharynx is not a new measure, which has been practiced by the medical industry for a long time. Patients on ventilators, critically ill patients in resuscitation also receive regular oral hygiene and gargle.

Dr. Hung noted, you must gargle, not gargle, trying to let the solution go down to the deepest part of the throat. Don’t need too much in one rinse, about 5ml is enough. Gargle before going out, and as soon as you come home from outside, or immediately after close contact with others. Each time gargle for about two minutes, of which three times are brought down the throat for about 15 seconds each time. After rinsing, leave it on without rinsing again with water for at least 15 minutes.

Either solution of chlorhexidine and betadine can be used. These two types have been studied to kill the covid virus in 30 seconds. Choose the type that is used for gargling, not for the wound.

Doctor Hung said that due to having to treat many Covid-19 patients, the long stay in the isolation area, the doctors at the hospital recently supplemented the method of nose drops with antiseptic solutions combined with gargle method.

You can drop the nose in two ways, including one drop of antiseptic solution in each nose and then rub it on the outside of the nose; or use an antiseptic solution on the tip of a cotton swab and pick your nose, just like taking a specimen for testing.

Dr. Hung recommends that, to prevent the disease, each person needs to combine 5K implementation and vaccinate as soon as they have the opportunity. Do not go out unless absolutely necessary, avoid large gatherings, when returning, you should spray your throat with antiseptic, wash your hands before entering the house, take a shower immediately after.

Going shopping should also change habits, such as choosing goods with your eyes instead of your hands. Try to avoid contact with anything unnecessarily. Carry a hand sanitizer bottle with you to wash your hands immediately after touching or picking something up.

Le Phuong