How to convert numbers?

Digital transformation is a diversified process, with no common path and pattern for all, and therefore, each organization and individual needs to define its own, suitable route.

Experience is just a lesson in things that have precedent, there is no experience for things that have not yet happened. Digital transformation is an unprecedented story, so vision must replace experience.

Is there a general roadmap for reference?

To do number conversion, a suggested route that includes the three most general steps is as follows:

Step 1: Get the right mindset and awareness about digital transformation. For an organization, the top management’s awareness is a prerequisite, from which to transmit awareness, inspiration, aspirations and determination to change to its members.

How to convert numbers?

Step 2: Develop strategy and action plan. Identify the current state and the state needed to define the goal, including defining a new business model in a digital environment, developing an action plan with reasonable phases, content Specifically.

Step 3: Identify key digital technologies in the field of activity as well as the platforms needed to support the transformation. From there, building digital capacity, including training digital human resources, building habits, forming a culture of innovation with a new operating model and implementing transformation.

How to build a digital conversion strategy?

Digital transformation is the business of every organization. And this needs to come from awareness, determination and level of understanding of the situation of the organization. Each organization or individual is different, so there should be different strategies. The digital transformation strategy is not a digital application strategy. The digital transformation strategy is not a short-term plan, nor is it a long-term plan. A suitable strategy is usually planned for 3-5 years.

The digital transformation strategy is built by the leader and must spread and permeate each member of the organization. Digital transformation strategy starts from the vision of the head, but when execution requires constantly measuring, real-world testing to see what’s on the right track and what’s not, then quickly adjust to reality. .

How to hire a digital conversion consultant?

The assumption that what you do not know can hire a consultant is a notion that often leads to mistakes. On the contrary, what we already know and hire a consultant usually leads to success. So is the number conversion. Digital transformation is the story of each individual and organization. Digital transformation is an overall and comprehensive process of change. And the door to this change can only be opened from within. That is, the subject that makes the vision and digital transformation decision is yourself, and the consultant is only the supporter, instead of the opposite.

How to use the platform to convert numbers?

Using a digital platform is identified as a breakthrough solution to promote faster digital transformation, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. The platform is created by excellent digital technology businesses, allowing agencies, organizations and individuals to use it as a service instead of having to invest and run it by themselves.

For example, Vietnam has thousands of newspapers and magazines, if each of these agencies have to invest in digital platforms as the New York Times mentioned above, it will be very expensive, many agencies do not have enough resources, both financial and human resources for investment. But if there is a platform available for press agencies to go on, reach readers, and advertise, then thousands of press agencies can transition to a digital environment very quickly.

Likewise, if MISA, a digital technology company that specializes in accounting software, invests in developing a platform, so that professional accountants can do accounting services for businesses, to providing accounting services for micro enterprises, small and medium enterprises, the digital transformation into accounting for businesses will take place very quickly. At the same time, it also stimulates business households to switch to businesses, because it is very difficult not to hire accountants, especially in rural, remote and isolated areas.

How to understand Make in Vietnam?

Make in Vietnam is to design in Vietnam, make products in Vietnam. Calling for changing from assembly, processing to making Vietnamese products. Without making products, Vietnam could not be strong and prosperous.

Vietnam already has Vietnamese 5G equipment, has a Vietnamese social network, has safe products, has Vietnamese network security and a lot of Vietnamese software.

To promote Make in Vietnam, all the state, businesses and people should push the problems and problems of the country and society to the Vietnamese digital technology business community for them to participate in solving. .

Forming culture in the digital age like?

Culture is made up of repetitive habits. Therefore, in order to form a culture, first of all must form and maintain a habit. There are many ways to form and maintain habits, but in a digital age, one of the ways to form and maintain the habits of every member of an organization is to use digital technology to create platforms. , management systems, in which the required habits have been embedded and “hardened” in the very foundation and system for each member of the organization to work to comply.

Department of Information Technology – Ministry of Information and Communications

Whose business is digital transformation?

Whose business is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is an overall and comprehensive process of change. For an organization, because it is change, it is first of all the work of the leader, of the head, because otherwise no one would dare to do and can do it.


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