How to convert numbers in each industry or field?

Some industries and areas need to prioritize digital transformation first, in which, focus on implementing initiatives to link between sectors and fields to provide a new experience, bringing value to the people. , business and society.

Digital transformation in the medical field like?

Develop a support platform for remote medical examination and treatment to support people in remote medical examination and treatment, help reduce the load of medical facilities, limit public contact, and reduce the risk of cross-infection; 100% of medical establishments have remote medical examination and treatment units; accelerate digital transformation of the health sector.

Build and step by step form a system of healthcare and disease prevention based on digital technologies; Comprehensive digital technology application in medical examination and treatment facilities contributes to administrative reform, reducing hospital overcrowding, improving the quality of medical examination and treatment, using electronic medical records, leading to no use of diseases paper judgments, payment of hospital fees, establishment of smart hospitals; building a smart health management platform based on digital technology, integrating information and data, forming a national health database.

How to convert numbers in each industry or field?

Pilot implementation of the initiative “Each citizen has a private doctor” with the goal that each citizen has a digital record of personal health, on the basis of which, doctors consult and care for each citizen like be your own doctor, forming a complete digital health care system from primary care, prevention to treatment.

Create a legal corridor to facilitate remote medical examination and treatment and electronic prescriptions for the people, to ensure that people can contact doctors quickly and effectively, reducing costs and time for patient transportation. .

Digital transformation in education like?

Developing platforms to support distance learning and teaching, thoroughly applying digital technology in management, teaching and learning; digitizing documents and textbooks; Build a platform for sharing teaching and learning resources in both live and online forms. Develop technology for education towards individualized training.

100% of educational institutions implement distance learning and teaching, in which testing training program allows students to learn online at least 20% of the program content. Applying the educational model integrating science – technology – engineering – mathematics and arts, business, business, English training and digital technology skills, ensuring safety and safety. Cyber ​​security at all levels. Adjust and supplement training programs at the undergraduate, graduate and vocational levels of basic digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things.

Provide mass online courses open to all people to improve access to education through digital technology, training, retraining, training to improve digital skills. Universalizing online exams; recognizing the value of online learning certificates; building a sharing platform for teaching and learning resources; develop technology enterprises for education towards personalized training.

Digital transformation in the banking and finance sector?

Build e-finance and establish a modern and sustainable digital finance foundation. Deploying comprehensive application of digital technology in tax, customs, treasury and securities industries.

Digital transformation in commercial banks to provide digital banking services in the direction of diversifying distribution channels, innovating, automating processes, and promoting cooperation with technology companies. fintech and payment intermediaries in building a banking and financial service ecosystem to promote the popularization of national finance, bring financial services – banking closer to those in remote areas. far away, inaccessible or not served by banks based on technological innovation such as mobile payment, peer-to-peer lending.

Support access to loans with credit scoring solutions with a reliable customer data warehouse and scoring model.

Digital transformation in the agricultural sector like?

To develop high-tech agriculture in the direction of focusing on smart agriculture and precision agriculture, increasing the proportion of digital agriculture in the economy.

Digital transformation in agriculture must be based on data. Focus on building big data systems of the industry such as land, crops, livestock and fisheries. Building an integrated aerial and ground observation and surveillance network for agricultural activities. Promote information on the environment, weather, and soil quality for farmers to improve crop yields and quality, and support sharing of agricultural equipment across digital platforms.

Apply digital technology to automate production and business processes; managing and monitoring the origin, product supply chain, ensuring fast, transparent, accurate, safe, and hygienic food. Consider and test the implementation of the initiative “Each farmer is a trader, each cooperative is an enterprise applying digital technology” with the goal that each farmer is oriented, trained in the application of digital technology in produce, supply, distribute, forecast (price, season, …) agricultural products, promote the development of e-commerce in agriculture.

Implementing a strong digital transformation in management to have policies and timely management of agricultural development such as forecasting, market warning, and planning management.

How digital transformation in the transportation and logistics sectors?

To develop an intelligent transportation system, focusing on urban traffic systems, highways and national highways. Transforming logistics infrastructure (such as seaports, inland water ports, airlines, railways, logistics …).

Develop platforms that connect shippers, forwarders and customers to develop into a one-stop system that allows shippers to find the optimal means of transporting goods and find warehouses precision yard as well as supporting packaging and registration, perfecting the processing of related administrative documents.

Transforming the management of transport infrastructure, transport business vehicles, driver management, allowing digital traffic infrastructure management, vehicle registration and management through digital records , issuance and management of driver licenses.

Digital transformation in the energy sector like?

Digital transformation in the energy sector, with priority given to the power sector towards maximizing and automating networks for efficient power supply. Connect digital meters to improve bill speed and accuracy, identify network problems faster, help users save energy and detect losses. Electrical Power.

Digital transformation in the field of resources and environment like?

Building comprehensive large information systems and databases for effective management of natural resources and the environment, in particular: the national land database; databases on national geography; monitoring resources and the environment; Biodiversity; waste sources; explore; sea ​​and islands; Climate Change; meteorology – hydrology; geology – minerals; building an open national digital map as a foundation for developing digital services for socio-economic development; deploy intelligent solutions in monitoring, monitoring, managing, handling environmental incidents, and early warning of natural disasters.

Digital transformation in the industrial production sector?

Digital transformation in the industrial manufacturing sector towards focusing on the development of the pillars: building smart organizational structures and strategies, building smart factories, operating smart, creating smart products. development of data services and development of digital skills for employees.

Department of Information Technology – Ministry of Information and Communications

Digital transformation in the operation of state agencies like?

Digital transformation in the operation of state agencies like?

Each state agency or organization should have a digital government development strategy and action plan, and a digital government.


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