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Me and my baby (10 days old) have Covid, what should I pay attention to when taking care of my baby? (Tu Nhi, 26 years old)

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In fact, there is no specific treatment, mainly supportive treatment, treatment of symptoms and complications (if any). Babies should be cared for by their mother or family members, and continue to breastfeed.

For newborns, parents need to admit the child to the hospital if the SpO2 measurement is below 94% when breathing air, and the respiratory rate is greater than or equal to 60 times a minute. Besides, children also need to be examined and treated immediately if there are abnormal symptoms such as: fever over 38.5 degrees Celsius, difficult to lower; a cough; diarrhea; poor feeding and feeding; the child faints; rapid breathing – the nostrils rise and fall, the chest retracts. During treatment, the child should continue to eat breast milk if there are no contraindications to enteral feeding.

For older children, parents also need to notify the medical staff or doctor if the SpO2 index is less than 94% when breathing air, breathing fast (children 2-11 months old, breathing rate greater than or equal to 50 times). /min; children 1 – 5 years old, breathing rate greater than or equal to 40 times/minute, 5 – 12 years old: greater than or equal to 30 times/minute and older than 12 years old: greater than or equal to 20 times/minute); fever over 38.5 degrees does not go down, children cough a lot; chest tightness; not eat; quit playing or doze off…

On the mother’s side, she needs to maintain a reasonable diet, eat more ripe fruits and protein-rich products such as meat, fish, shrimp; supplement with vitamins (A, D, K, E), iron (additional iron up to 6 weeks postpartum), minerals (Ca) and fiber, drink enough at least 2 liters of water per day to ensure both substances in breast milk.

Dr. Le Thi Van Trang
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Military Hospital 103

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