How to avoid sleep apnea?

I see many cases of sleeping and having apnea and death, so I am very worried. Ask your doctor why this happens and how to prevent it. (Huynh Thanh, 34 years old, HCMC)


It is not natural that sleeping will stop breathing and die. These cases usually must have pre-existing disease but are not known. Death during sleep is called sudden death, which has many causes, not necessarily sleep apnea.

Some important reasons include the following:

– Myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmias;

– Stroke (usually the form of massive subarachnoid hemorrhage that dies so quickly, but this is rare);

– SUDEP, a form of sudden death of unknown cause in patients being treated for epilepsy;

– Sleep apnea syndrome, usually does not cause sudden death, but increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

As such, for prevention, it is necessary to have regular health checks to detect and treat diseases or risk factors. If you snore a lot, especially the sound of snoring sounds like a block, and waking up in the morning is not as comfortable as lack of sleep, very tired… you need to examine and measure your sleep polygraph for timely treatment.

Doctor, Doctor Nguyen Ba Thang
Head of the Center for Neurology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital


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