How to arrange an ‘untouchable’ TV for movie fans

In the design of the living room, the area for the TV is always calculated separately for all members to see entertainment and relaxation. As a movie buff, have you ever wanted this space to be surreal, inspiring, beyond the usual entertainment experience?

If you’re tired of hanging your TV on the wall like every traditional living room, there are more unique ways to arrange your TV that contribute to the perfect movie-watching experience. At this time, the TV is not only a modern audio-visual device but also becomes an eye-catching interior detail, in harmony with the whole, contributing to brightening the space.

Creativity is unlimited, especially in the art of designing and enjoying movies. What if I don’t like placing the TV next to the wall of the house? Placing the TV away from the wall, creating a screen to divide the space without tangled wires is a suggestion worth considering. The Serif has a very fashionable appearance, different from the metal base, which can “rule” anywhere in your home space.

And if it’s about color, why is it that movie TVs are always monotonous black? Today’s technology products have more and more “trendy” colors that can even be customized according to user preferences and personality, leading the color trend such as the Samsung Z Flip 3 phone case, delicate pastel-colored refrigerators like Samsung Bespoke etc. The Serif TV is also not out of the game when wearing avant-garde contemporary colors such as Creative Pink (Blossom Pink) and Trendy Blue (Cotton Blue). breathe new life for the interior space, adorn our life. With elegance, lightness, not too much but still outstanding, the TV is a “score” projection screen, meeting the needs of aesthetic owners.

Do you think a TV when turned on will show your favorite movie, and when turned off, it will become a clock, weather forecast screen, art painting or poster of your favorite movie character. How attractive will it be? With the power of technology, nothing is impossible in the age of IoTs. The Ambient Mode+ feature when the TV is in standby or Magic Screen on The Serif allows users to make the TV more interesting and special. The owner of the room in the illustration has a delicate and gentle TV layout with a fit-in TV shelf with natural wood grain, pine wood floor, rustic bamboo and rattan furniture, leafy plants in the corners with bold colors. breathe nature.

Comfort and freedom come first, so even placing the TV in areas with a lot of outdoor light will not affect the display because the 2022 version is upgraded with an anti-reflective panel (Matte Display ), which helps to reduce screen glare or reflection.

On the TV shelf are lovely decorations such as dried pine cones, the cartoon characters Elsa, Anna, Olaf from The Walt Disney house will surely make the younger members of the family very excited. The moments when grandparents, parents and children enjoy cute cartoon movies this summer will also become memorable memories together. And if you love strong movie characters, the series of superhero figures (figures) of the blockbuster series The Avengers will attract all eyes of visitors, confirming that the owner of the house is a fan. True Marvel.

This is also the first time Samsung TV The Serif has partnered with The Walt Disney Company to bring more exciting perks to customers, as well as lovers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney movies. Users can collect limited items and immerse themselves in the world of blockbuster movies on The Serif TV. For example, Samsung first brought a combination of superhero character models such as Thor and Mighty Thor in the latest blockbuster “Thor: Love and Thunder” and the famous Elsa character in the cartoon “Frozen” ” (Ice Queen) so that users can arrange it next to this special TV. Besides, there is also the presence of other great superhero models in the Marvel universe such as Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Hulk or Loki.

“The Serif as a masterpiece is completely different from what we know about TV before. Its core strength lies in its ability to blend perfectly with contemporary interiors, in a natural and harmonious way. ” That is the sharing of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, the two designers who created the success of The Serif 2022. Press the F5 button to refresh your life, enjoy the relaxation immersed in your own cinematic space. Friends with The Serif.

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