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The actor “Rescuing Death” and his family only treated like when he had a cold, without using special drugs to treat Covid-19.

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At the end of 2021, the Baggio family and relatives held a New Year party. Two days later, people started showing signs of Covid-19. In which, Quynh Tram (Baggio’s wife) was the first to show symptoms, followed by her parents, then Baggio, and it wasn’t until the 13th day that the two sons showed symptoms.

The Baggio family was infected with Covid-19 after attending a New Year’s Eve party. Photo: NVCC

Baggio initially envisioned Omicron as a dangerous strain, causing severe sequelae. But when he calmly learns and feels, the actor feels like he’s going through a flu. Seeing that the problems were not serious and under control, he decided to self-treat at home.

“We eat healthy, exercise regularly and have learned very carefully about Covid-19 from trusted doctors and scientists, so we keep the attitude: if you have an illness, treat it and eat and rest accordingly. suitable for quick recovery like colds and flu. My parents who live in the same house are a bit worried because they are over 70 years old, “said Baggio.

The first thing the whole family does is steam the body, nose and throat, steam the house and eat warm, dilute foods such as porridge, soup, drink juice, and smoothies to increase resistance. Living in California (USA), Baggio’s family does not need to make a medical declaration, can self-treat, rest, if need help, contact the medical switchboard to share symptoms and get treatment. treat. According to Baggio, many doctors, including family doctors, share this strain is quite gentle, not scary.

The extended family of Baggio - Quynh Tram uses oral support to increase resistance before, during and after Covid-19 treatment.

The extended family of Baggio – Quynh Tram uses oral support to increase resistance before, during and after Covid-19 treatment. Photo: NVCC

Quynh Tram’s mother is the one with the most severe symptoms. She coughed a lot, sore throat, fatigue, headache, body aches. Her father is a little lighter. Both grandparents did not have a fever, lost taste or smell, only felt a bitter taste in their mouth, so they did not eat as well as usual. But thanks to a healthy lifestyle and scientific activities, her parents do not have any underlying medical conditions. Grandparents also only suck on throat antiseptic tablets, cough essential oils, use resistance-boosting drugs every day like when they were not infected. Both also prioritized rest, actively steaming the nose and throat, steaming the room, the house.

With Quynh Tram, the initial symptoms are runny nose, chills. At first, she just thought it was the weather because California was winter. But then, the symptoms gradually increased, she began to feel lethargic, headache, body aches; pain, dry throat, dry mouth; more runny nose. She did not have a cough, fever or loss of taste and smell. Baggio was also tired, cough but not much, headache, body aches, sore throat.

The couple take the time to rest as much as possible, eat porridge, warm soup, dilute for easy digestion, drink warm water, juice of orange, lemon, kumquat, pomegranate, berries, pineapple every day. Every day, the couple steams and gargles; if not too tired, will try to exercise to sweat. In addition, the actor’s family still maintains resistance-boosting tablets such as zinc, D3, Quercetin, NAC, Astaxanthin and does not take any special treatment for Covid-19.

Baggio - Quynh Tram and their children eat soup, warm porridge, actively eat fruit...

Baggio – Quynh Tram and their children eat soup, warm porridge, actively eat fruit… Photo: NVCC

Quynh Tram’s twin sons – Baggio, baby Ben and Liam are the last to show symptoms. On the 13th day, after the grandparents and parents had gradually stabilized, the two children began to have a fever, a little fatigue, and aching limbs. Quynh Tram actively applied warm compresses, wiped her body and gave her children fever-reducing drinks. Besides, she let her two children rest, eat well, drink fruit juice. Because Ben and Liam were young, she didn’t go directly to the child, but only stormed the room. After just one day, both babies are back to normal and healthy until now.

“Luckily, Ben and Liam were not seriously ill, only had a fever for half a day, so I still took care of him as usual, just added more room and gave them more sleep. I draw from my own experience, from Until now, whenever I had a cold, I would sleep as much as possible to recover quickly,” she said.

Up to now, the whole Baggio family has not tested again, but the body is gradually recovering. The grandparents did not show symptoms after Covid-19, only the husband and wife did not feel craving for salty foods, only liked to eat fruit.

Two babies Liam and Ben

Two babies, Ben and Liam, only had a fever and were tired for a day, then returned to normal, ate and slept well and played well. Photo: NVCC

After being treated for Covid-19, especially being infected with a new strain of the virus, Baggio advises everyone to stay calm and stay optimistic. The actor said that, because of pessimism, fear leads to stress, which can reduce immunity. Besides, people need to learn carefully about Covid-19, how to self-treat, improve and maintain health, live healthy, eat scientifically, stay active every day. This is also the fastest way to help the body recover from colds, viruses, and respiratory illnesses.

“For me, natural immunity is very important and necessary in fighting disease, and better than any drug,” Baggio said.

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