How Singapore encourages more than 80% of the population to vaccinate against Covid-19

Singapore promotes communication activities with close, creative messages, evoking attention with music, and thoroughly explaining to people about vaccines.

As of August 30, Singapore has completed two doses of Covid-19 vaccine for about 80% of the population, leading the rate among 11 Southeast Asian countries.

In addition to traditional activities such as government information, newspapers and television stations, the lion island nation also implemented a new media campaign “I got my shot” to call for people to be vaccinated. The government believes that interesting media content will make an important contribution to encouraging people to get vaccinated.

Get attention with a vibrant music video

In response to the pandemic, most countries around the world are speeding up the completion of vaccinations for people. Most countries promote vaccination by rewarding money or setting up vaccine passports, motivating people to get vaccinated. With Singapore, the government launched a campaign with fun and interesting music content.

The “I got my shot” campaign kicked off with the music video “Together, towards a new normal”. The video conveys a message that is easy to remember and understand with the three steps Test – Trace – Vaccinate in Singapore’s anti-epidemic strategy, with detailed instructions for each specific measure.

Still images from Singapore’s vaccination video with the participation of many celebrities such as Annette Lee, Yung Raja… attracted more than 3.5 million views on Twitter and nearly 1 million views on YouTube. Photo: Youtube

In addition, the MV “Get your shot, Steady Pom Pi Pi” (Vaccine, stay calm) has also attracted a lot of attention recently. In the MV, the famous “uncle” of the lion island nation Phua Chu Kang transforms into an “expert” to answer common questions, leading to hesitation in taking Covid-19 vaccinations.

With useful content, catchy tunes and funny images, the MV also received positive feedback from international audiences. Many comments on Twitter express their wish that their Government learn from Singapore to launch similar creative media content.

Explain the benefits, call for people to act together

When being called to vaccinate, people have many concerns about their health after vaccination, especially pregnant women, people with a history of allergies, the elderly… Solving that problem, the Government of Singapore continue to put out a series of videos with hashtags #IgotMyShot #GetYouToo (I got an injection, how about you?) or #Expert Explain in multiple languages, continuing to provide more information useful in relation to the prevention of Covid-19.

In each episode, experts will in turn answer questions around vaccination such as: Is the vaccine safe for children 12-15 years old; Are the symptoms after vaccination of children and adults the same? Does the mRNA vaccine affect DNA (a type of genetic material found in all living cells)…


Still photos taken from Singapore’s “Expert Explain” program with experts, sharing about the mechanism and effects of vaccination… Photo: Youtube

Along with that, the campaign also comes with a series of infographic illustrations, detailing and visualizing information related to vaccines. The photo series called #Sgperspectives (Singapore’s Perspectives) with the message calling for vaccination was cleverly conveyed, through the close and real-life sharing of the participants in this campaign.

The photo series called #Sgperspectives conveys the sharing of people who have been vaccinated.  Photo: Youtube

The photo series called #Sgperspectives conveys the sharing of people who have been vaccinated. Photo: Youtube

In parallel with communication activities, the lion island nation also implemented many practical actions to support people to vaccinate conveniently and quickly. Recently, to encourage the elderly to vaccinate, the Government has flexibly approved this group of subjects without registration, can go directly to medical centers or mobile vaccination points, helping the elderly Proficient in using computers, mobile devices are injected early and easily.

Previously, Singapore also introduced a separate policy for pregnant women, people who do not leave the house, people who are allergic to mRNA… so that they can be vaccinated easily and safely. Efforts to promote vaccination have helped the lion island nation confidently carry out the 4-step process of opening up, supporting the recovery of the tourism industry and bringing the economy to great growth after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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