How safe is sex during pregnancy?

Master, Doctor Tran Ngoc Dinh, Head of Service Department, Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, said that the right relationship during pregnancy brings a feeling of comfort, happiness and bonding between the couple. At this time, a woman’s body will secrete a special hormone, which helps pregnant women balance the feelings of fatigue and discomfort often experienced during pregnancy, reduce stress, and sleep easier and deeper. In addition, sex during pregnancy is like a physical activity, making the pregnant mother’s pelvis more supple and flexible, creating a chance for a quick postpartum recovery.

“However, whether or not to have sex during pregnancy depends on the health status of the mother, the fetus and the couple’s desires,” emphasized the doctor.

If the wife is having a healthy pregnancy and the husband does not have sexually transmitted diseases, sexual activity during this period is not a cause for concern. In addition, when having sex, the husband’s penis cannot touch the fetus, causing no danger. The cervix of a pregnant woman has a mucus plug, which prevents semen or bacteria from entering.

A woman’s pregnancy can be divided into three stages. The first period starts from pregnancy until the third month; the second period starts from the 4th to the 6th month; The final stage starts from the 7th month until the end of pregnancy.

In the early stages, a woman’s libido can increase or decrease, depending on the physiology of each person, due to the influence of pregnancy symptoms. In the second stage, the mother’s sexual desire increased rapidly and decreased completely in the third stage.

“During sex, the mother’s uterus contracts a little more strongly, the fetus in the abdomen moves more, but it also has absolutely no effect on the baby,” the doctor said.

However, if the pregnancy is at high risk of early labor, you should not have sex and ejaculate because semen contains substances that cause uterine contractions. Husbands should wear condoms to prevent infection. Having sex does not cause premature rupture of membranes, but water in the last months can also cause infection.

Some other cases should avoid sex such as unexplained bleeding; have a history of miscarriage, signs of twins, placenta previa; history of premature delivery, bleeding (bleeding) several times during pregnancy, history of premature rupture of membranes; pregnancy toxicity in the first or third trimester of pregnancy (manifesting vomiting…) accompanied by arterial hypertension…

During the first and second trimester, ejaculating inside or out or using a condom depends on the preferences and habits of each couple. At this time, “uterine contractions during sex are completely physiological contractions, completely different from labor contractions”, the doctor said.

Women need to see an obstetrician-gynecologist to know that there are no abnormalities in the pregnancy, appendages, cervix… and consult a doctor to make the most reasonable decision. For example, a pregnant woman with uterine malformations, such as an open waist, having sex can easily lead to the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses) and semen into the uterus. adversely affect the fetus.

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